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Enter the following card properties: Double click to open “Add or Remove Software”. The driver is going to be installed. Since the card does not support PnP, the message “Does not find any new devices on your computer” is displayed. If the connecting cables and the communication parameters are ok, please check the following settings for the serial interface. During the installation of the programming software, the communication drivers and the OPC server are installed as well. The message “Install from disk” is displayed.

abb ps501 v2.0.0

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Follow the instructions given during the setup process. The driver is going to be installed.

If the error message. The following settings are set ex works: If necessary, use another PCI slot.

abb ps501 v2.0.0

If only the green LED flashes, the interrupt has failed! The card is automatically detected since it supports PnP.

abb ps501 v2.0.0

This may take some time. Administrative rights are required to install of the Control Builder software.


Installation of the documantation If you require all components, carry out the installation following the order given above steps In the “General” tab: Reboot the PC afterwards. Shut down the operating system of the PC and then switch the computer off.

[LINK]: Control Builder Plus PS V –

The drivers are located in the following directory of the CD: During the installation of the programming software, the communication drivers and the OPC server are installed as well.

Follow the instructions given in the setup. The following notes will help you, if the communication does not work properly after the ps051.

Insert the floppy disk and confirm with “OK”. Click on the “Remove” button and confirm the uninstall confirmation dialog with “Yes”.

True Settable Stop Bits: Remove the card and restart your PC.

abb ps501 v2.0.0

True Settable Data Bits: All files and directories created during installation are deleted. The following menu page is displayed: Start it from a DOS shell using the following command: To do so, delete the following path in the registry: If an error message regarding the Microsoft XML Parser appears during installation under Windowsexecute the file “msxml3.


To uninstall the software in Windows By clicking on “Main menu” you can return to the title page at any time. A short documentation of all example projects is opened by clicking on “Overview of examples”. There you can access the individual documentations. Buttons with gray labelling are not available in the present version.

Installation Control Builder PS”.

You can switch the user interface language by selecting the desired language from the “Please select language” list box. True Settable Flow Control: In order to close the gateway, click with the right mouse button on the CoDeSys icon in the task bar of the operating system and select “Exit”.