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Want to create discs with maximum reliability? I still have about 3 major programs still to install and some smaller ones – I don’t know when I get around to installing these. Curious, are you still using the 7. With industry-standard bit encryption, digital signature and password protection, no one but you can access your burned data archive. I have some programs installed and there is many more programs to still install. Anyone else care to comment?

ahead nero 7.10 1.0

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Rebooted the pc and started the install for 7. I probably did upgrade to 7. I still have about 3 major programs still to install and some smaller ones – I don’t know when I get aead to installing these. I take it the procedure is to install the original version 7. This time, the latest version 7. Thanks for confirming the MD5. Set new standards with the proven burning technology of the program. Want to create discs with maximum reliability? Especially if all you want is the codec part, since that probably wan’t updated jero.

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On my old hard drive, I have installed each Nero ayead update on top of the previous one. This doesn’t make since to me. Anyone else care to comment? This is weird, since on my old hard drive, after I installed the original version of 7, I was downloading the updates and installing them on top of each other.


As mentioned there is the AutoIt script I have linked to in my first post which allows you to choose certain items to install and cleans up other garbage it installs. Do you use any of these type installs? When I first saw the version number I thought it went from 7. If you need to save your Audio CDs and individual songs as files on your PC, smartphone or MP3 player, just convert them to the required format accurately and at lightning speed.

Rip audio CDs and convert music files. Return to Nero Formerly Ahead Software. Audio 10 are also quickly reproduced — including CD text and original album details along with original album art.

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COPY Double your media pleasure! No problems whatsoever doing that. Someone on this forum DrNein I think suggested the micro version, which I installed a few days ago with my old license from thankfully gmail doesnt nwro old mail.

The app supports recording on up to 32 different recorders simultaneously and helps you create a carbon copy of your data. I started by installing the original version 7 from the CD and entering my serial ahad. One concern I have is that the 2 versions significantly differ in sizes.


Do you use this Nero for burning, recode or is it strictly just used by you for these filters?

ahead nero 7.10 1.0

And if so then what is making it such a big difference in size. Yes, I know – use ImgBurn.

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I haven’t installed Nero 7 yet on this hard drive. Anead to copy and import data and music and burn them to your preferred type of disc?

Just trying to get an idea how stable version 7 is. I here that if you aheda installing certain items then it works well.

And with the CoverDesigner you can create genuine visual works of art from your burned pieces. Burned audio CDs gain even more richness aehad sound, thanks to filters and other adjustments as well as automatic sound improvement that allow you to match the sound to your taste.

I have some programs installed and there is many more programs to still install.

ahead nero 7.10 1.0

Rest assured, you will get the highest quality disc every time.