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Like for instance Jambinai , a groundbreaking crew that fuses traditional sounds with post-rock artistry and…. Math Ilium Ion Massive! Elegancia por le amor de dios. Andre Bratten electronic synth techno arpeggiator music. Andre Bratten Full Pupp nu disco synth disco.

andre bratten aegis

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Andre Bratten, featuring Susanne Fundfor. Math Ilium Ion Massive!

Be a Man You Ant – André Bratten | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Andre Bratten Feature Slices Issue A groovy mix from Spectrum City spectrumcity. I Am Square Friday prelude.

andre bratten aegis

Andre Bratten electronic synth techno arpeggiator music. SoundCloud Andre Bratten smalltownsupersound house techno. Like for instance Jambinaia groundbreaking crew that fuses traditional sounds with post-rock artistry and….

Be a Man You Ant

DJing in Nantes So you’ll find squelchy bugs in the bass-bin, weird analog anre smears, bright drum machine splats and the occasional significant pause. SoundCloud Andre Bratten Electronic. The swelling tension of the industrial growls and transformer-type whines constantly threaten the singing, but never quite win out. Andre Bratten techno music. The result is a tense, edge-of-your seat experience. His debut album, Be a Man You Ant anndre, computes almost infinite variations on the sounds he could extract from a single modular synthesizer.


Aegis (Original Mix)

Carreno is LB — Nyctophilia Aegis Andre Bratten smooth deep scandinavian trip. Libra Up and comer from Oslo.

andre bratten aegis

Marcus Marr emiliana torrini kit grill andre bratten. Ahead of the digital and CD releases, Correspondant will issue two exclusive vinyl samplers with select tracks featured on the compilation, due out 10 March Like most kids in the late s, he was bitten by the hip-hop bug, but he also andge turned on by the Led Zeppelin records he picked out from his father’s record collection.

First sounds to come from my LP on Full Pupp.

Predvodnik svih festivala na lokaciji The…. Want to see more posts tagged andre bratten? Pax Americana Smalltown Supersound.

andre bratten aegis

I might go to Costco this afternoon. Aegis trackoftheday Andre Bratten – Aegis. Stille Sortie im so corny, I love this!

andre bratten on Tumblr

SoundCloud Andre Bratten Remix. Be a Man You Ant. Currently dwelling in the heart of the city, his efforts with the synthesizer coincided with a huge boom in Norwegian electronic music, his productions recently came to the attention of Norwegian cosmic disco mogul Prins Thomas and his Full Pupp colony.


Full album stream on Soundcloud.

Be a Man You Ant. Or the vivid, neon synth solos in “Aegis” and “Second Steepest. That juxtaposition has informed his sound as he skillfully imbues cosmic braften with intense cerebral techno.