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Description of Battlecruiser AD v2. Listen to the frantic chatter of your combat pilots, the warnings of ship personnel or the background chatter of the communications channel as they are mixed in and muffled amidst the sounds of laser fires, collisions and nerve shattering explosions. When the game was redesigned, the developer discovered that the original design architecture of the game kernel prevented the implementation of multiplayer, so the game was redesigned. The first fully modeled starship. We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.

battlecruiser 3000ad v2.0

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Latest Universal Combat CE dev status is online.

Download Battlecruiser 3000AD v2.0 (Windows)

Visit a variety of moons and planets with different topologies, climate zones, cities, bases and other attractions.

Immense, fully-dynamic universe Features a fully dynamic and evolving universe with over 13 alien races, including the feared Gammulans and irritating Vesperons.

battlecruiser 3000ad v2.0

From toSmart developed his next game in the Battlecruiser franchise, Battlecruiser Millennium. Detailed textures and lighting effects display the space and planetary worlds in beautiful detail. The Universal Combat TLC Trello dev board has been updated to reflect current dev state and what’s coming in the ma… https: Assign your combat pilots to fighters or your marines to all terrain vehicles based on skill. Read our screenshot tutorial.


Use transporters to beam personnel to and from surface strike zones. Description of Battlecruiser AD v2. Line Of Defense Website.

Traverse this huge universe using wormholes, jump gates and other anomalies. In Gamespy named it the 19th most overrated game of all time due to the hype Derek produced with his extremely ambitious game battlecriiser promises that he would ultimately be unable to fulfill.

Archived from the original on 3 July Observe as this huge universe evolves around you and continues to evolve regardless of your actions.

Battlecruiser AD v for Windows () – MobyGames

BC millennium being total trash in comparison. Smart and Take-Two Interactive advertised that Battlecruiser AD used a neural network to perform artificial intelligence tasks in the game. Upon its initial release of Battlecruiser Bttlecruiserthe game [18] contained many bugs that made it unstable[3] [19] [20] according to a GameSpy. Gamespot gave it a score of 2.

battlecruiser 3000ad v2.0

It is a version of Battlecruiser Millennium with complete updates. Use the form below to search the site: In a bid to prevent Take Two, as well as its distribution and retail 3000qd from continuing to benefit from sales of the game, Derek also released the final version of BC3K to the public as a free download. Watch in real time as the Sun goes down, night falls and stars fill the sky. In keeping with the tradition, BC3K v2.


Mine planets and moons. The developer originally intended to introduce multiplayer feature when making the original Battlecruiser Millennium back in latebut due to unforeseen circumstances, this feature was dropped in the initial product.

Visit 25 starsystems containing 75 planets and moons all modeled in 3D. With access to this complex ship, an awesome array of weaponry and a dedicated crew, the decisions you make can mean the difference between life and death as you assume full command control of your ship and crew.

You may as well die with a medal and for a good cause. Use the form below to search the site: Archived from the original on Archived from the original on 1 May This page was last edited on 13 Septemberat Battlecruiser Millennium Now Freeware”. Still not finding what you’re looking for?

I guarantee bathlecruiser that if there’s a neural net that does anything in [BC3K] this man would be in the Computer Science Hall of fame.

battlecruiser 3000ad v2.0