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This rise of Indonesian Shi ism was attributable not only to global Islamic revivalism but also, more specifically, to the impact of the Iranian revolution. This biographical article about an Indonesian historian is a stub. On January 31, he and several traditional Islamic leaders founded Nahdatul Ulama. Tempo reported that the students who intended to study in Qom usually came to this city through Michael Fischer, Iran from Religious Dispute to Revolution Cambridge: Thus an early proliferation of Shi ism occurred in universities.

ceramah othman omar shihab

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There are at least two interconnected motivations among the founders.

In this respect, Madhi Alaydrus, a lecturer at the Shi i University of Madiltul Ilmi in Depok remarked, The word Shi a has been politically smeared by anti- Shi ism sentiment, while the word of Ahl al-Bayt is present and clearly mentioned in the Qur an. One of the Lascaux paintings: He participated in various religious activities held by these reformist Islamic organizations. Another book is Islam Aktual: Quraish is shihaab fourth son of twelve siblings, his three older siblings, Nur and Umar, two younger siblings and Alwi Shihab, were born in Rappang.

Bearman; The Bianquis;C. It replaced the role cegamah mothers. Scrutinising various recorded sermons, we find two different tendencies that are congruent with the divide between the ustadh and intellectual groups: It also began to become a distinct religious sect and the schism began to widen.

ceramah othman omar shihab

The development of these institutions may fluctuate, with some even stopping operation. His father, Muhammad Alkaf, who is from a sayyid family, was a well- Ibid. Enrolling in the department of industrial technology at ITB and completing his study inhe was involved in the Salman Mosque.


Azyumardi Azra – WikiVisually

He was also known as Muhammad Yusuf al-Maqassari. As the leader of the foundation, his writings permeated almost all bulletins of the pmar. So far there has no report of any Marja Taqlid who resides in Indonesia. It lies on the west coast of the island of Sumatra. This battle serves as a religious model for behavior among shigab who are expected to struggle on the path to God, even if they face oppression and persecution from dominant rulers. His uncle, Thohir Alkaf, is known as a strong opponent of the Shi’a.

ceramah othman omar shihab

In their submission, they maintained that the American experiences with the Iran revolution and the hostages crisis, followed by devastating acts of terrorism by Shi i affiliated groups in Lebanon through the s, created an image of the Shi a which is still currently dominant.

Further conquests extended down the east coast, incorporating several pepper-producing and gold-producing regions; the addition of such regions led to internal tensions within the Sultanate, as Aceh’s strength was as a trading port, whose.

He was declared a National Hero of Indonesia.

Azyumardi Azra

The Competing Influence of Domestic and Iranian Intellectual Milieux Various religious streams, which once dared not to appear publicly, now come up conspicuously, without fear, and can breathe sjihab. Each of these words might provide different reasons for the conversion to take place.

In many cases, the ustadhs, particularly prominent ones, such as Othman Omar Shihab, Umar Shahab and Husein Shahab are not affiliated to any specific institution but are hired by a range of institutions throughout the country. Although the government at that time did not explicitly implicate Iran in domestic political situation inside Indonesia, there shihan widespread allegations that some local Islamic radicals sought to implement an Islamic state patterned on that of Iran.


– The Struggle of the Shi‘is in Indonesia – ANU

Hasyim Asy’ari was an Indonesian founder of Nahdatul Ulama. The students were often critical of religious authority, striving for a religious pluralism with the aim of spreading a transformative and tolerant Islamic discourse.

Your browser is not supported by ANU web styles. Chapter Four makes an inventory of Shi i institutions, shiuab both the campus circle and the ustadh group. They shifted their attention to cultural interests.

The Struggle of the Shi‘is in Indonesia

In his introduction, he admitted the book was inconclusive and did not present in-depth analysis of each of the topics because it was intended for popular media consumption. Idham Chalid Idham Chalid was an influential politician and minister in Indonesia.

He is also regarded as a master Sufi. Not only have the three training courses provided important knowledge and skills for the participants, but they have also motivated and affirmed their missionary zeal. My particular thank also goes to Hussein Shahab, the chairman of Baitul Muhibbin Foundation, Jakarta, who has introduced me to snihab Shi i figures in Indonesia during my fieldwork. Then, after being active in Persis, Rakhmat joined Muhammadiyah because he regarded both organizations as having much in common in terms of religious doctrines.