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Had serious problems with I know it is a while since your post but did you resolve it with Citrix Receiver for Enterprise? Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Aug 4, Posts: I want to know the reason for putting prices for ICA client in different sites. Use the following registry key to enable LogoffCheckSysModules.

citrix pnagent 10.2

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Hi Can anyone please provide ICA client for windows 10 64 bit….

Download old Citrix ICA Clients for Free – xenappblog

Mon Apr 28, 5: ICA clients are free from http: RAR is a proprietary archive file format that supports data compression, error recovery, and 1.02 spanning. Is there different syntax or something else that needs to be enabled to open PNagent from a login script.

Popular Posts Related Posts. Thanks, I really needed a version If they aren’t, launch the PNA as administrator at least once to write settings to the registry.

Citrix PNA Issue – Anyone seen this?

The contents of my script is: App-V has gone bit. In full desktop session that have the XenApp Plugin for Hosted Apps formerly known as the PNAgent installed, FTAs and content redirection work properly and pnqgent correct streamed application launches fine.


citrix pnagent 10.2

After adding the syntax to call pnagent. I will adjust the article if needed for XenApp 6. I thought it might have been an registry issue so I went into HKey-Users I hope there is a problem with timing of network protocol time to go up.

Hosted Apps, Streamed Apps, Seamless Sessions, and Content Redirection

I have a version 7. Thanks for your help. Jan 5, Posts: The problem continued so I dug up a 3yr old client 7. Home Citrix Microsoft VMware Projects About Dane Young is an aspiring technothusiast specializing in application, desktop, and server virtualization technologies.

Was this working before and now suddenly not working? Sacramento, Ca Technical Inspirations: Sun May 18, 3: Please check out the download section. Kindly regards, Fokko Alkema. ctrix

citrix pnagent 10.2

I know the script runs because it successfully writes the user name to that text file. I’ve reinstalled the client, upgraded it, downgraded it to a 3yr old version and also installed the full Program Neighborhood from the Presentation Server disk.


Mon Apr 28, 3: Aug 2, Posts: If so, did you allow it then? This will have to be done for every streamed application that you want to enable content redirection for. Atlas Ars Centurion Registered: Does you have multiple authentication methods turned on? To accomplish this, the LogoffCheckSysModules pnagetn key has to be implemented.

Download old Citrix ICA Clients for Free

Do citrixx pick pass through auth when you install initially? I have applied this procedure, and it works fine except for one detail. Thu May 01, 3: