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This item is patched now, if you hack it you get banned. I got very angry with you because your banning rare member accounts and I cant find a password to login. That item that is hidden on club penguin is the viking helmet. Sherbet pass false cos u need email me first: Should I give you any accounts? I think thats really mean for people to ban the acounts you pay for so i was wondering if you could send me one. Everyone involved in running this site spent their time making sure we all could have fun using those accounts and they trusted you!

club penguin party hat giver

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If you get one you have until September 21 to text why you want the membership. What is the oldest item in Club Penguin?

Where do you find a club penguin item giver? –

It does seem unfair to have a rare member for me…but what could we do? And the password was sunshine.

Whoever banned tin,fluffyamillI,Rockhopper,Paintboy and all of the penguins posted here. We provide not only the best Club Penguin cheats and exploits but everyday news, tips Use this rare item adder to add any item to your Club Penguin account!.


club penguin party hat giver

I do not want it to get banned at all! Are the rare penguins those with stars? And its not fair to exclude and make fun of people for not being a member! Please dont ban these penguins.

Will u please wake up??!! This site uses cookies.

Where do you find a club penguin item giver?

Can you get banned on club penguin if you use item giver? If you want one member account of me then give me 2 un used toy codes or…a memeber penguin with the 1st or 2nd party hat. You wouldnt like that at all. It is in a shape of a pizza. But if it cpub get banned! What are codes to unlock stuff on club penguin?

This website is the best club penguin cheats website i have ever seen.

club penguin party hat giver

List This article is a list of things. To unlock items in club penguin, you have to go to an item in a party and click on it, and u’ll get it.


Can you get banned on club penguin if you use item giver?

The best part is,to get the 2 members just email me and POOF! Where is the second last item for the recycle hunt on club penguin? Although this time, it is. The maracas were a free item at the Club Penguin Winter Fiesta a few years ago. But not too far! It Is Really Not Fair!

Can you get banned on club penguin if you use item giver? –

All right, my first witty comment! But Club Penguin is way better!!!!!!!!!

Tennistennis this one is a member username: And email me at oblisk2 live. Notify me of new comments via email.

S my address is maia. Super Rare Penguin User: Is there pengukn rare member above that I could still use maybe? I will give it a six month Membership!!!!!!