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In case you are compiling on OS X – note that Singularity will only compile on Snow Leopard, so use a virtual machine if necessary, then you may need to open up. Display as a link instead. This is a resident-to-resident Answers site. Paste as plain text instead. In order to do that the animation has to be in your inventory or playable by your avatar. The patch below will slightly alter Singularity and Avination viewer so it can export assets to the hard-drive without leaking any trace of tampering.

darkstorm copybot

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And you should Abuse Report the person who hacked into your group, and also Mute him. We think this is two-fold, a protection for us but also a protection for you, because we cannot slip backdoors to you.

darkstorm copybot

The following table summarizes the agent’s capabilities after applying the patch to Singularity or Avination viewer:. Objects Can be exported if displayed in-world from foreign avatars as well.

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Again, this is not a viewer function, but is done with a device that presents a large number of corrupt textures to your graphics card. Animations can be exported to the animatn format and then uploaded anywhere using darrkstorm same viewer. Even then, they can’t kick you out. Only 75 emoji are allowed. It is up to you whether to trust third-party viewers or not.


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This effectively grabs the baked textures off the avatar, so for skins you will need to find a naked avatar. Well, that is very good to know. For convenience, memorize the key-combo. You’d have equal powers.

Nails No longer active. This is going further than Rake since Rake only deals with assets in the avatar’s inventory, while these patches make it possible to grab most in-world assets. Go to Hacked Godmode and double-click an animation.

But your chances on getting meaningful, helpful answers will increase even more, if you do not only use the headline to write your question, but make use of the textfield below and explain your situation in more detail.

I see you fixed your capslock issue, thats good! Darksgorm patches are posted here and up to you to darksotrm and decide what is best for you. Darkstorm viewer Threaded Mode Linear Mode Darkstorm viewer. You will not find a viewer here, since the forum is organized – somewhat.

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Please do not start a new thread. When darrkstorm do, however, be sure to include actual specific facts. The main reason that Darkstorm is not approved is that it contains “copybot” features. I have heard that it’s possible to physically damage a graphics card in this way, but I have never seen hard proof of that.


darkstorm copybot

If you cannot compile the viewer, even following the instructions provided here and, for Windows, by following the Windows compilation copybott on the Imprudence websiteyou can opt to download a rogue viewer.

Someone using copybot can copy just about anything in Second Life except scriptsand from a YouTube video I watched, it looks like Darkstorm can also copy particle-generating scripts at least. If you are on Linux, consult your Linux distribution on how to install the cmake package.

darkstorm copybot

Many protections are embedded into the client, without any server-side checks. They’d just find new things to make illegal. On the other hand, Darkstorm offers more features that are not in this patch.

All I can suggest is that you continue to submit Abuse Reports. Type Details Textures and Sculpts Any texture or sculpt, whether in inventory or otherwise can be copied. You have the power.