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The guard tour price can help you monitor the services of your patrol network under a device. Check out here https: Its treated steel development, alongside its interior plane discovery configuration, secures the electronic circuit. The guard tour price can help you stay within the limit of your spending. Activation fee includes all costs associated with transferring, hosting and processing data for the following products: You can effectively use the Guard Patrol solution software on your Smartphone. Let us discuss a few of them.

deggy control software

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Guard tour software is inevitable to simplify security management system. Complete tour data can be viewed or printed with the Deggy Software. The fact is that you can make use of a guard tour system to make the monitoring processes convenient.

The steel pen is the heart of the guard tour system. In order to have effective control over your guards you do not need to be physically present at the station.

Have wireless remote access to the system and effortlessly seggy preregistered equipment and customized automatic reports with the Deggy Cloud Pro Service.

deggy control software

The fontrol pen is extremely resistant. However, many guards may become sloppy on the job. This way, you can monitor each patrol guard even when you are miles away from your company. This statement may make you think that you will not be getting the nature of services that you desire to have.


deggy control software

Therefore, you cannot afford to sit back and relax, thinking you have nothing to do in improving your services. These are under as below: Being a leading company in the guard tour software business, Deggy provides real-time insights into your security operations. Do you know about Wireless Smart Kit?

Improved functions for Deggy Control software | Security Systems News

Know details about Deggy Control Software: Guard tour control software helps to monitor the time and activity of your security sofwtare or supervisors while they are on duty and performing patrols. You need to look for software that can offer you detailed info on pending check-ins, inactive checkpoints and GPS locations of each guard on your property. Guard Tour Software offered by Deggy is the most reliable on the market. The expectations that you can have having our guard tour solutions.

First, we would like to highlight that the years of experience we have in offering guard tour makes the difference. Eventually, you may find it difficult to get out ckntrol this zone soon enough. A guard tour system is a software designed to computerize the procedure of protecting a property.


The warranty and guarantee that we offer: This way, you can provide the needed security for your business for a less amount. Avoid the old systems that are lack transparency or involvement of manual data collections. The fact is that there is a limit to how you can sotware score the performances of your patrols sufficiently.

deggy control software

We only can offer such security system at such a conttol. Insurance cover Since all patrolling activities are under surveillance, you rest assured of appropriating insurance claims for your guards.

Improved functions for Deggy Control software

The experience that we share: Do a simple software setup, and our Guard Tour is ready to be used. Those have several lacunas which could bring in the conflicts of softdare while reporting. What is a guard tour solution?

We provide comprehensive and user-friendly security solutions to companies, education, hospital, food industry, bank, chemical industries, malls and much more.

See more of Deggy on Facebook. The fact is that some guards may not be willing to cover locations that intruders can easily exploit.