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So every single change you make gets reflected in InitializeComponent method. Following screen-shots from sample app included with DotNetBar shows how detail group rows are used to add totals to the SuperGrid: There is new sample project RadialMenu included with this release which shows how to use the control from code and how to customize its color scheme. The SuperGrid now supports single and multiple Column grouping, with the ability to specify the sort direction for each group. This means that doing things at design-time and run-time is essentially the same.

dotnetbar 11.4

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Control will switch to multi-column display mode and it will display specified fields on drop-down: However, preferred method of operation is using touch gestures to flick pages in and out of the view.

DotNetBar v Registered Version

Welcome to DevComponents Blog! However you should use it to learn how to do things from code and how to setup controls and components correctly. Stay tuned for more. LayoutControl helps dohnetbar create resolution and DPI independent user interface data entry forms.

dotnetbar 11.4

Also new are handy notification marks that you can display on top of the ButtonItem buttons and Metro tiles. Nice thing about these symbols is that they are vector based which means they will render well in wide range of sizes and they will use current color scheme settings for button to render themselves. There is much more to our new AdvGrid control.


Following video shows how to do this: Following screen-shot shows grouping in SuperGrid control: Line line1; For this two line i have this error: You can find in-depth overview of how to work with templates on MSDN site: Here is screen-shot of MetroTilePanel control in action:. Here is screen-shot of both controls: Following image shows Radial Menu control:.

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Getting started with AdvGrid Knowledge Base article is great resource to help you start using new controls. So every dotneybar change you make gets reflected in InitializeComponent method.

dotnetbar 11.4

Here is screen-shot of that:. Following screen-shots from sample app included with DotNetBar shows how detail group rows are used to add totals to the SuperGrid:. Control will automatically create column header text based on field names, dotntbar they can be easily changed by setting DropDownColumnsHeaders property. Here is image of Time selector with 12 and hour views: SuperGrid control now can be used in virtual mode while using data-binding. We have also added new StyleManagerAmbient component which is used to manage Metro style ambient properties assignment for child controls on the form.

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Toast notifications are really simple to use and single line of code is used to display them, for example: Its built-in layout logic will re-flow its content to fit available bounds and size constraints.


There are more than new features and fixes in this release. New time selector style also supports hour format automatically based on current system settings so time selector in dotnebtar case looks like this:. Post as a guest Name.

dotnetbar 11.4

Once you copy your. Page slider also support inertial scrolling so if you quickly flick with the finger on the screen it will dotnetgar page scrolling and slow down gradually. Make sure to check out our redesigned samples explorer which runs after install is complete. It includes built-in data-binding, numerous editors, master-detail support, nested tables, built-in virtualization and much more.

Of course touch support is included. Our new Office styling comes with unlimited color schemes generator which will generate complete color scheme based on single color you specify: We also added support for Visual Studio 11 which dotneybar in Beta right now.