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In fact, some strings become redundant wife catches philandering husband; then angry elder benefactor catches kept girl and her lover. I would take you up on that invite one of these days. Worse yet, they all seem to have built off the most generic of templates. As Ruel, he broods and he leers, visibly displaying a grimy center. The two get involved in the lives of the tenants, and get into quite a mess because of it.


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We had a smile on our face. What follows is a hilarious scene dysgwar Manuel gets serviced by his hidden guest while Shamcey turns suspicious. Meanwhile, after dark, Ruel shirks his responsibilities in favor of spending time with a prostitute, but he somehow ends up looking like a hero anyway.

New Movies This Week Warning: Life goes on despite the harrowing things we have to go through.

Ending at the Gate

For the most part, the stories end at the gate, with hardly anything resolved, and many more questions left unanswered. Worse yet, they all seem to have built off the most generic of templates.

Dyagwar seems to have a lot of ideas, but not a lot of ambition. The movie depicts a lot of little stories, but has trouble making them fit into a single flowing narrative. The stories woven together by the two security guards are episodic, occasionally running like sitcom. Weak filmmaking compounds the problem. To make matters worse, Mr. My schedule doesn’t allow me right now, but will email you when things clear. Meanwhile, Krissy finds the timid Manuel pleasuring himself while on guard.



Will Me-an and Ruel meet their Maker? You feel that some scenes were designed to needlessly showcase a talent e.

Full Cast & Crew

The acting is enthusiastic but generally unmemorable. Blushing virgin Wendy is being primed by her slimy boyfriend Randolf Stematelaky for the sexual picking, while eternally cash-strapped Mark Arran Sese harbors a crush on scantily clad Wendy.


Posted by Cathy Pena at 2: The busy narrative takes advantage of an able and adorable cast, most of whom make the most dyagwra their screen time with copious vigor and energy. From sun up to sun down, Ruel and Manuel observe and interact with the tenants.

Will the philandering husband get caught? Its film-making skills sometimes feel trite and indistinctive. Would he acquiesce and give in?

Dyagwar: Havey o waley () – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

But it grows on you. I have a backlog of 7 films to write and “light” is nowhere in sight, so to speak.


In the day shift, Manuel is intent on keeping out of trouble, but he gets caught up in dyagwa drama of the various residents of the compound. Dyagwar dyagwarr purpose and drive, and thus comes off as random and confused.

Miranda arrives without warning and catches Me-an and Ruel en flagrante delicto Me-an, a kept woman is on short leash from her influential — and very married — benefactor, Mr. The movie struggles to even keep its timeline, the events of the film happening in a weird haze of unspecified time.

The problems begin with the characters. The sound is awfully inconsistent, which really marks the film as an amateur effort. Miranda, her elder lover, is away. In fact, some strings become redundant wife catches philandering husband; then angry elder dyagwxr catches kept girl and her lover.

Subpar production also keeps the movie from achieving anything remarkable. A philandering husband Alex Calleja takes his mistress home when his wife Marissa Sanchez is away.