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I tried manually importing the database to no avail as this caused where the programme to hang at login. Can anyone assist please? Can you please help? I have now managed to get into Employee admin, but have the problem that in the field: Not enough values for code expecting 6 got 0. Synchronising does not solve the problem.

e@syfile update

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Enter the declaration screen and then reconnect your internet!!

SARS easyFile Employer Problems – Troubleshooting

Bennie Dorfling on May [email protected], at 8: Rochelle on August 23, at Grant Day on April 14, at Logged in, no problem, installed update and restored backup which restarted the program and that was the last login…. Jeanette on May 18, at I have a major problem.

e@syfile update

I initially loaded the employer with the PAYE refas [email protected] ref no was not yet available due to registration still pending. Rochelle Hamberger on May 12, at 1: Please advise any possible fixes, many thanks Acumen Accounting. Good day Grant Just wanted to thank you. September 27 at 2: Do you have any idea what can cause this? I am not preparing for the final final annual submission.


e@syfile update

Thank You very much Grant. Google it for your Operating System.

e@syfile update

I created the post to try assist people struggling [email protected] SARS ineptitude and I get a kick out of people sorting their easyfile out. Grant Day on March 13, at I basically gave up on that and just left it for now.

Im getting the same error. R Rugge on May 20, at 1: I am going crazy with stress. Can you please assist. Hi i have add my employer but when uldate want to save it says employer NOT registered, error ID iswhat does this mean?

Samantha on May 24, at Anyone come across this problem.

Please note:

No fix, no fee! Sars technical called me after about 2 weeks from logging a call, and declares that my problem lies with my database, and not Easyfile.

I have two employers on my easyfile profile. I had to restore from a backup.

SARS Easyfile Employer Problems | handshake

So I followed your suggestions. Hi I reset my PC, reloaded easyfile.


Lquamn Dockrat on July 19, at 3: All my declarations are now submitted. Please complete the new poll so I can get a better idea of the time spent on easyfile issues.