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Only minor modifications were. I also see — Boost found. Begin finding boost libraries. This probably should be set for both cases. This information was originally generated by running. Therefore I use the following cmake function: HI, Looks like that configuration never reaches line

findboost cmake

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How would this look cmqke you wanted to say to link against all of boost? Determine if any missing dependencies require adding to the component list. Since Boost is not always a required dependency we’ll leave this.

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When one changes settings used by previous searches in the same build. The reason that we failed to find Boost. HI, Looks like that configuration never reaches line CMake Error at C: I am working with cmake 3.

Other variables one may set to control this module are:: Not sure that thsi relates to the cmmake, but I just noticed that Found Boost 1. If it’s the same as. It is always very useful to the community. Add any missing components to the list. Nikolay Pakudin Nikolay Pakudin 1 1 silver badge 6 6 bronze badges.


findboost cmake

When building my code with paraview, I get a weird error. I got and build the latest version of paraview from gitlab. Hello everyone, Thanks simonau for the video!

findboost cmake

Copyright Mike Jackson. We may need to do some different logic for different versions of FindBoost here. This is no longer a thing.

The version may appear in a directory with or without the patch. It is important to note that the imported targets behave differently.

Spandan Spandan 3 3 silver badges 11 11 bronze badges. The headers were found.

Therefore I use the following cmake function: Attempt to guess the compiler suffix. So I downloaded 1.

findboost cmake

When you have multiple build-versions of boost multi-threaded, static, shared, etc. These lines are written at the beginning before creating the cmaake of the project, as at this stage we don’t need to link boost library to our project executable. Find Boost include dirs and libraries.

fails to find Boost – In Situ Support – ParaView

Search in Forums Search for: The output was then updated by search and replace with these regexes: This will be set to a. I have already done that but I get the same error. You may need to install these additional Boost libraries. In the CMake configuration I guess using the cmake-gui interfaceyou need to set the CMake variable for boost.