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An open-source Gomoku program. Add support for standard rule. Network was trained for much longer than the previous one. Also, now it supports standard rule on 15×16 board. It can calculate VCF of steps accurately. Program is written in C.

fiver gomoku

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Random profile Pavel Elizarov Rating: Classic Alpha-Beta search with hash table and time management remains unchanged.

fiver gomoku

And there are two other pages on the English Wikipedia, which are also interesting: Two gomoku softwares from gomocup tournament. You can meet world class players here and try swap2. The ultimate tool for gomokuplayers. There is some tweaking and bug fixing compare to version It is ported to Gomocup interface and further improved by Petr Lastovicka.

AI is based on alpha-beta pruning of minimax agorithm with simple hash-table. Nice design with 6 difficulty levels. RenLib The ultimate tool for gomokuplayers.


Program is written in C.

fiver gomoku

The name is apparently a corruption of Goban Go board. Some modifications were made on evaluation.

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Capturing 10 stones is an other way to win, besides placing five in a row. Some parameters were changed. Little Golem An gomoiu playing site with several games including gomoku. You can download several softwares and read abour programming. There were some changes in move-generator and minor change in evaluation function. PentaZen is written in C and uses classic searching techniques.

Terminator A software for standard gomoku. We have been working on solving the issue.

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It is not exactly the same version used in the tournament, there is fixed bug to support better human playing. A software for standard gomoku. Most of the tree based algorithms are removed from the previous AI PureGM, and the AI has been trained over the last several months to get stronger. Edit page Discuss page. I believe the game where capturing stones by “clamping” of two stones is possible is also called “pente”.


If two stones not more are “clamped” by an opponents stone on both gonoku, they can be captured see diagram below.

There are some small modifications on the evaluation, although not sure whether there is really a improvement. PlayOk Popular playing site amongst gomokuplayers. Renju and ninuki renju are variant s that are more serious games. USA Uses new protocol. Register Forgot your password?

Algorithm has been completely rewritten, and speed was improved. It is not gimoku the version used in the tournament.