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I agree about the manual – it is the weakest spot of all Digifly instruments and I’m trying to push them for improvement. The original batteries went dead after a few flights. Has anyone ever built one of these? In the case of salt water, rinse the instrument thoroughly with handwarm fresh water. But it is very orange isn’t it! Don’t know if I’m allowed to post the name of shops

flytec 4005 manual

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However, you can find aswers for some of your questions here http: This might be changed on the new ones. Never alter the basic settings of the altimeter unless you have good reason to do so in your own interest! Even with the shipping, you’d save some money.

flytec 4005 manual

Your manual failed to upload The speed sensors in the series can also be used with instruments in the series.

If you don’t mind buying stuff outside England The accuracy of a vane wheel sensor is highly dependent on its point of attachment. Plus in the Pre-Europeans my vario died on me and I had to fly for more then 30 minutes without a vario.


It also came with a nice padded carry sack that’s just the right size to hold my wallet, car keysetc. So when you do get a vario it will only help you and not do the work for you.

Operating Instructions 13 – Tell us what’s missing. The values can be altered with the and the keys.

The color is the most common objection I’m dealing with. Bear in mind, it is a comparison by a Digifly dealer mebut it is really a dry table of features that is hard to make to be biased.

English, Set-mode, Mode option – Flytec 4005 * User Manual

I’m asuming, you are fter an entry – level instrument. For the first year I just strapped it manua my leg with the enclosed velcro strap. The original batteries went dead after a few flights. Here in the USA the price wasn’t much more than an Audio only vario. The unit to be adjusted will flash.

Flytec * User Manual | 14 pages

Far from original, Peter! On being switched on, the instrument goes through a self-test routine and then foytec run mode. One of these days I’ll upgrade the firmware, but the special cable is kind of expensive. This is why each key has only one function, i.


When first switched on, the instrument displays the approximate charging status of the batteries in the vario bar display. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Tell us about it.

flytec 4005 manual

Plus when I finally got to changing my batteries my glider somehow picked an amzing lifting line and got to the TP and back to the hill higher then most were able manuzl do. Can someone give me some pointers? I agree about the manual – it is the weakest spot of all Digifly instruments and I’m trying to push them for improvement.

Speedometer, Option-mode, Speed – Flytec 4005 * User Manual

The time, the date and the year can be set in setting mode. It’s held up very well, apart from some scratches on the display. I thank my dad all the time for making fly my first year of paragliding without a vario. Don’t flytrc a manual you are looking for?

flytec 4005 manual