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Finally what can we expect to see from yourself and the Break New Soil imprint over the rest of ? So the label grew bigger and we started to sign artists. His first release for Great Stuff show his trademark sound on “The Now People” which makes it the ideal summer festival hit. Artikel 1 bis 50 von 63 auf Seite 1 von 2 anzeigen. Several tracks on the album flirt with ambient music, can you ever see yourself writing an album entirely aimed at home listening?

gregor tresher warpaint

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When I started the label, I wanted it to be a platform to release my albums on and for me to be able to make all the decisions – for example, who does the artwork or what formats will it be released on.

A Thousand Nights Part 1 12″.

The Remixes Part 2 12″. Lights From The Inside: Goliath Remixes red vinyl 12″. Artikel 1 bis 50 von 63 auf Seite 1 von 2 anzeigen. Lights From The Inside Part 1 12″.

Gregor Tresher – Juno Records

We’d like to know what you think of Juno’s website. About A Good Place 12″. Nach Preis sortieren absteigend Label rank: Basically in the beginning it was something that I only did two or three times a year when I was doing an album tour for a special occasion. I think a good remix gives a track a new direction.


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This site uses cookies to give you a better trsher experience. I even had the chance to meet the guys backstage at their show in Frankfurt, which was another great thing.

gregor tresher warpaint

Ahead of his live performance on the 31st in Room Two, we caught up with Gregor to discuss how his live performances have developed, the thinking behind his new album Nightcolours, and what it feels like to remix one of your childhood heroes. Show out of stock titles.

gregor tresher warpaint

Show Out Of Stock. The artistic freedom to present different kinds of electronic music is what makes the album format still very interesting to me – both as a producer but also as a listener as well.

The Now People 12″. Having been raised on a diet of eighties synth-pop from the likes of Depeche Mode, Heaven 17, and the Human League, it’s little surprise that Frankfurt born Gregor Tresher has a keen ear for melody, a trait which has come to characterize his soulful, dancefloor ready productions.

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Music Neuerscheinungen dieser Woche. So your latest album Nightcolours has been out for just over a month now, have you been happy with the response? Through Dusty Windows Part 2 12″. Mary Go Wild Belgium.


Since setting up Break New Soil you’ve also continued to release with labels such as Ovum and Drumcode, how do you decide which music tresber release with your own label and which music to release via third party labels?

Billy NastyOrlando Voorn.

Gregor Tresher во Епицентар

The Life Wire Part 2 12″. When asked in a previous interview who your dream collaboration would be you replied you would love to remix Depeche Mode.

What do you think makes a good remix? Lights From The Inside Part 2 12″.

gregor tresher warpaint

Wunschzettel Log in to view your wishlist. Alphabetisch sortieren absteigend Date: Have your intentions for treeher label changed since you founded it, and to what extent do you feel it has lived up to its manifesto of breaking new ground?

So the label grew bigger and we started to sign artists.