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Fixed issue when sorting certificates by validity date, that they are sorted incorrectly in the order 1, 10, 11, 2, 3 , instead of by actual date. Create an identical monitor on the target SiteScope copy all monitor values to it from the original monitor. Government under vendor’s standard commercial license. After installing SiteScope See Virtualization Enhancements for details. Close all the browser’s windows. After changing the user name or password of a credential profile, any open connections that are using this credential remain open and are not reconnected.

hp sitescope 10.10

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Do not run the Publish Template Changes Wizard for over 3, monitors at once. Microsoft Windows Resources monitor.

Sitescope configuration tool will not run – HP Software Solutions Community online forum

Fixed issue of publishing changes to VMware Performance Monitor template failing where threshold settings contained variables. When you apply this filter, only the virtual machines that match this string are displayed in the Get Counters list.

If not all topology data was forwarded to Business Availability Center, manually synchronize the data as follows: To copy a sub-tree containing Technology Integration monitors: Fixed issue of receiving “ERROR – is not a valid action type” error when generating reports. Get real-time data only: If it is not selected, historical data from powered off VMs and hosts is also retrieved. Fixed issue of being unable to set up the monitor against a VMware image with a large number of VMs and hosts by adding filtering options.


HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.

Before installing SiteScope When performing a global search and replace operation in a load environment of over 1, monitors, you may encounter an out of memory error in the Java applet on the client machine performing the global search and replace. It contains best practices for configuring filter options on the VMware Performance hl and information on making server-side improvements.

Fixed issue of being unable to use auto template deployment to deploy a template where the template has no parent group defined.

hp sitescope 10.10

No other VMs resident on this physical server. Therefore, if the number of retries is set too high so that it is longer than the monitor run frequency1.010 can increase the number of monitor skips and cause SiteScope to restart. This is because the event type is not supported in the Event Type list.

hp sitescope 10.10

Siteecope under vendor’s standard commercial license. It is recommended to select this option only if you require this additional data for all your Diagnostics and Generic Data integrations. Do not perform a Global Search and Replace to modify Business Availability Center integration properties for over 2, monitors at one time. When copying and pasting a SiteScope monitor into a group, the monitor data can take up to an hour before it is displayed in Dashboard in HP Business Availability Center.

Fixed issue when running the monitor on a non-Solaris environment, of being unable to show the sitsscope process name if it did not fit the drop-down box.


Sitescope 10.10 configuration tool will not run

This may take some time because it means connecting to the monitored servers and getting the additional data. If a monitor not from this group is also selected, the Server property is not available.

When the SNMP monitor is integrated to report data to HP Diagnostics, the measurement label is sent as a name instead of the real measurement name. Consistent with FAR Fixed issue of SiteScope not forwarding Siebel 8.

hp sitescope 10.10

Create the Technology Integration monitors in the other SiteScope. When creating a Diagnostics Integration in Integration Preferences, if you select the option Include additional dataall other Diagnostics and Generic Data integrations are affected and will report additional data in the data SiteScope forwards to these applications.

You can configure the connection pool properties in the master. This is the total number of connections using all defined in SiteScope vCenters: HP Software Product Manuals. Click Apply and then click OK. Increase sitesccope heap size of the Java applet on the stiescope machine.