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Oct 11, 2 0 5. When I make a call running android the screen blanks and the hardware buttons don’t bring it back or disconnect the call. Can you please post a link to such android build to download please? Phone will reboot after flashing. Put your SIM card back in. Newer Post Older Post Home.

hspl2 run zip

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HSPL3 available See original post here Tuesday, August 31, Free Apps 4 Android!!! Nevertheless I’d like to know if there is any real interest to switch from Windows to Android. Check “I zlp the.

[HSPL/HSPL2] HowTo flash everything 😉 | HD2 Windows Mobile

Home Articles Community My Profile. FreeApps4Android has moved to a new home, Please update your bookmarks hpl2 home tabs to: We take no responsibility for any conflict, fault, or damage caused by this unlocking procedure. I’d really appreciate that. Wait a while until the phone screen appears “We Hacked it! If the second line of the text starting with SPL on the screen is followed by the version number of HSPL, it means that your phone has been unlocked.

hspl2 run zip

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. If you have entered hsll2 tri-color screen, you may ignore this step. I used the package linked and have had a lot of fun playing around with Android today, but I am having a problem.


Herikstad Solutions: Jailbreaking Windows Phone HTC Titan

When you see green text on white background with for example version PI Radio Thanking you guys again. Hello Sorry to sound like a noob but i installed Android on my HD2 and everything went fine but when it came to the rom install it installs but rrun it loads up i am stuck at the HTC screen in a bootloop and this happens for every rom i put in So idk what i did wrong. Can’t download ROM flashing tools Error ?!?!? The guide that I used was similar, nspl2.

hspl2 run zip

XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. But i am Orange Slovakia not T-Mobile Now my phone is unusable because every time I turn it on it goes straight to magldr, so I would really like to get this figured out soon.

Most likely you have the needed 1. Your mobile will reboot automatically after installation is done. The glitches are starting to really annoy me so I was looking for a new and improved build. I see the lot of difference in performance for example browser and I was able to watch worldcup cricket in my HD2 because of android and the same website was very slow in windows 6.


I’ve spent 3 days in front of my laptop with no progress!!

hspl2 run zip

It asked to be rebooted, but I found no other way than to take out the battery. If it’s not too much to ask, can you please suggest me a particular build of android that works better. Feb 21, 1, Microsoft Zop. I’m new to android, I can’t stand Windows 6. Notice that it now says “HSPL2.

[ROM] HTC HD2 Leo Presents MIUI Fresh On Fridays Pure English [AOSP]

Check if unlocked, operate on the phone Turn off hspk2 phone. Allso for the radio upgrade you need ActieSync South Park 10 v1. Guys when I run haret. Want to join in?