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UV-varnishing machine Steinmann Colibri Junior has been in operation since the beginning of Altona Test Suite 1. However the precise thickness of the back should be agreed in this case, because it is virtually impossible to change it in the printing house. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions. In this article there will be more information about current standards, and older standards which although they probably won’t still be recommended by actual printing organisations may still be found in Photoshop, etc. Altona Test Suite 2. Offset varnish Offset varnish has modest gloss attributes and is mainly used as protection for printable materials during their preparation stages, also to prevent ink rub-off on completed printed matter.

icc profil euroscale coated v2

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Dispersion varnish Dispersion or water varnish ensures a better gloss than offset varnish and does not turn yellow for a longer period. When there are no images, which run from one page to another, the printing house will be able to compensate for this by shifting the pages in the center towards the inside; an alternative would be a design, which takes into account the disappearance of a few mm from the outer edge of the page.

icc profil euroscale coated v2

Printouts should be given h to stabilize and should thereafter be protected from light during storage and transportation. Choose one of these three ICC profiles if you know the type of press and paper type. Already have an account?

In the case of a white text on a rich black background, the problems of registration could be also decreased by an outline of 0. In the case of serif, italic or thin fonts the accepted minimum size is 10pt, and in the case of non-serif fonts it is 8pt.


Porous and uneven paper types are not suitable for varnishing and lamination. This excerpt as well as the whole book are only available in German language. Lamination Lamination is the process of gluing onto the paper surface of a thin acetate or polypropylene film. Monitor adjustments Soft-proofing on monitor takes more than just selecting ICC-profile in software according to printing process: Such film can have a glossy or matte surface.

Printing Specifications

You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we’ll assume you’re okay to continue. I have upgraded to 1. A difficult cpated for many to get their heads around! Please be aware that the latest update to is available, but be sure to click on the correct date and not any earlier date. They can’t legally be reproduced here as they are copyrighted, but you can download the standards from ISO affiliates, such as the BSI British Standards Institute site, for a fee: Posted November 23, These profiles are provided only in order to enable you to process older files.

Please note that you should be printing according to the latest ISO standard in order to use the new profiles. In order to avoid this problem it is recommended to remove overprint from all non-black objects during preflight. There is also ISO for offset ink.

Printing Industry Specifications. ISO, SWOP, etc. Part 2

In order to gain visually similar results, it would be wise to define brand colors for different paper types and different printing methods: Sam Muldia Prepress Manager Tel. As mentioned above it is better to have too little ink than too much.

An coatwd method would be to prepare the cover design as a whole, i. Altona Test Suite 2.


Which CMYK Profile Should I Use?

All curves were adjusted to represent the change from film to direct ‘CTP’ platemaking, and are the same for each colour, rather than using a different black curve as in FOGRA 39, for example. Coatev wonder if it has been replaced by another profile with a different name. But if you don’t know who will be doing the printing, which is often the case these days, then use the profiles listed below.

Older versions are provided only in order to enable you to process older files. An alternative, which is often used, would be to create for the image an overlap in the required amount, i.

Which CMYK Profile Should I Use? | Ne14 Design

As the printed color range is significantly narrower than the colors in the nature even when using the best possible papers and print, the objective of image processing is to fully utilize available color space:. Tests done in the Eurosczle.

icc profil euroscale coated v2

Naming of files Depending on the nature and workflow of each particular job, a PDF could contain one or several pages. You can see the latest recommendations and download data sets and profiles in the ‘Downloads’ section of the ECI website They do not recommend using very old profile versions based on ‘FOGRA 27’ data proifl supplied with old versions of Photoshop.

icc profil euroscale coated v2

Digital sharpening is required even with high-quality original images, because the print screen tends to reduce the sharpness of the image; the respective tool in Photoshop is Unsharp Mask.