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Real-time monitoring interface highlights color-coded control charts for easy interpretation by users. Control charts and dashboards are automatically updated in real time for optimized operations and reporting. What is Manufacturing Quality for Industry 4. Enact’s Unified Data Repository brings together and standardizes all your quality and process data, helping decrease costs and enabling better, faster operations decisions. Discover the potential in unified, enterprise-wide data visibility and insight.


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The Leaders in Real-Time SPC Software

From the production floor to the board room, use InfinityQS quality control software to gather, find, and utilize real-time data. Learn more about our other products.

Case Study General Cable Read. Sign up for free, and each week, you’ll get practical insights to start re-imagining how quality supports your critical goals:.

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Training FAQ Got questions? ProFicient enables access to a variety of databases, sites, and suppliers. Effective Training Solutions We strive to deliver our infinjtyqs courses in a variety of formats that fit your needs.

Less than 6 months. The software includes an extensive set of features that help you take control of quality at each point of the manufacturing process.


Recently recommended 91 times. If there is an issue, users are immediately notified. Use reminders, timers, and notifications to maintain compliance. All the data is available through enterprise-wide dashboards and reports and information can be shared across departments and teams. Simplify data collection Integrate software and equipment Monitor processes in real time Accelerate data analysis Learn more.


Optimize performance and processes. Flexible Monitoring and Analysis. Case Study Trek Bikes Read. Prioritize quality and reduce both cost and risk. With an on-demand software deployment, you benefit from the ability to: On the path to quality with InfinityQS. Take the first step from quality to excellence.

Enact users get access to quality data and alerts based on their roles and responsibilities. Improve product quality Enhance reporting Increase infinityq and yields Improve customer satisfaction Minimize product recalls Learn more.


Centralize all of your quality data into one easy-to-manage, Unified Data Repository Access and analyze unified global data ininityqs real time Drive strategic decision-making Continuously improve quality, consistency, and costs Learn more. Slice and dice data across your business for strategic insights that can transform your operations and product quality.

Highly visual, customizable dashboards help users focus on the data that they need and tune out the excess.


InfinityQS enables manufacturers to convert quality from a problem into a competitive advantage. Regardless of your industry and the products you produce, ProFicient can provide your operators, engineers, quality team, and managers with the detailed, real-time SPC data they need to assess current operations and take appropriate proactive or remedial steps to maintain product quality, avoid costly scrap, and meet production goals.

Automate and expand data collection. Visibility into unified data also enables a long-term view that can help to uncover variances before they become problems, as well as identify strengths and best practices that can then be applied to other processes, lines, and sites. Operator friendly interface is fully customisable, intuitive and highly visual.

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Statistical rule violations can trigger escalated data collections or other actions. Span lines, sites, and suppliers through easy-to-customize reports and multilevel data mining.

Span lines, sites, and suppliers through easy-to-customize reports and multilevel data mining. Reduce costs, risk, and downtime.