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Thanks a lot for your detailed article. Now we can use the GetReferencedObjects method to enumerate all the objects referenced by the database instances. Since it works only on compromised systems, making sure that yours is not compromised is enough to protect your data from the attack. Comments David Bradley said on November 4, at The malicious assembly then loads the KeePass assembly with reflection and instantiates a KeePass. In addition to host based monitoring, if you enroll KeePass. And there are many other issues with switching.


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Lee noticed KeePass 2. What would they use instead?

KeeFarce Hacking tool steals encrypted credentials from KeePass password manager

However, even if SourceForge or the KeePass website is compromised and serves a malicious download, users who check the digital signature will notice the attack and will not run the malware. Yes, they can, thanks to a decryption tool that has to be installed on your computer In order to prevent a man in the middle from making KeePass display incorrect version information even though this does not imply a successful attack, see abovethe version information file is now digitally signed using RSA and SHA As an aside, this project was developed off hours by two of our ATD team members purely out of research interest.

KeeFarce needs to be run on a computer system the attacker has access to.

Privacy and Cookies Policy. Our intention is not to convince anyone NOT to use a password manager we believe you definitely SHOULD use a password managerbut rather to combat the false sense of security it may give some users. Do use anti-virus software, keep security-critical software up-to-date, use a proper firewall, only run software from trusted sources, do not open unknown e-mail attachments, etc.


This patched KeePass version is located in the. KeeFarce is a free program for Windows that enables you to extract KeePass 2.


KeePass will use local configuration files, i. There are much simpler ways to achieve that.

Entering the extracted key material with a patched KeePass installation on a separate computer with the exfiltrated database. IOConnectionInfo object this is the open database file.

Windows Security Password Managers KeeFarce KeeFarce is a hacking tool that hides itself on your computer to steal the passwords that you store on KeePass, who has already warned its users about it Vote 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

This is so we can extract the opened database path: Keeface example, Two-Channel Auto-Type Obfuscation TCATO is a way to protect auto-typed data from keyloggers, the secure desktop protects your master password from some keyloggers, secure edit controls protect against password control spies, and so on.

Security Issues – KeePass

Thanks for the note, we obviously missed that configuration section when looking into KeePass. There is no protection keefarve a spyware monitoring everything and allowed to do everything, except not running the spyware in the first place.

KeePass cannot magically run securely in an insecure environment. DocumentManagerEx object and saving information about this object. It then walks the heap enumerating.


Neither KeePass nor any other password manager can magically run securely in a spyware-infected, insecure environment. Rasmussen published their paper in a responsible disclosure process, and the defenses in KeePass have been implemented before the issues were presented to kefarce public. If you like our content, and would like to help, please consider making a contribution: Jeff said on November 4, at 5: This is something KeeFarce is definitely capable of as well with a bit of refactoring, but the process will be more complex as it includes more unmanaged code, and a reflective DLL would likely need to be used.



From a defensive standpoint, keefwrce would be a good idea to inventory all user KeePass. Ghacks Newsletter Sign up. However, the next steps downloading and installing the new version must be carried out by the user manually, and here users who check the digital signature will notice the attack.

KeeFarce Hacking tool steals encrypted credentials from KeePass password managerSecurity Affairs

It won’t work if the password database is locked as KeeFarce won’t be able to extract information from it in this case. KeeFarce extracts information of a running KeePass process with an open database using a rather complicated method using DLL injection. The owner or user of the system needs to have KeePass open for the attack to keefarce carried out successfully. NET runtimes loaded in KeePass” .