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I would like the distance labels generated with the ‘distance’ command to be single-digit only, e. Copy the two files from the SwissSidechains directory in this new directory. Please post your FAQs here. Note that you will need to be running Snow Leopard OS You also need to manually load the plugin by running the command: Can anyone explain this? You should also have Python 2.

macpymol 0.99

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If you do not have PyMOL, it can be obtained here.

That’s a very good question. See MovieSchool for more help.

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Retrieved from ” http: If you only have mac;ymol object, you can simply write: Setting startup settings and python commands can be done in a file: Thank you for your time! First, to save a quick raw screen dump type, “png fileName” to save a PNG image IE and other programs can view these files. None of these things have solved the problem. A few specific paths are searched automatically.


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How do I select especially, iterate through a set of bonds? I tried the Secondary Structure Assignment commands, they did not work. Macpynol order to avoid security-related warning messages when switching to secured connection, you may want either to:.

This page was last edited on 18 Julyat A variety of options are available for both Linux and Mac, including installation via some package managers Fink, and some Linux distributionscustom installation from source, or mxcpymol builds with additional features purchased from Schrodinger. Running Plugin Menu on Mac,version 1. Should we have topics? You can easily upgrade to Python2. More involved answers should link to its own page.

macpymol 0.99

You also need to manually load the plugin by running the command: Can anyone explain this? On Mac, most installations should be automatically detected, but you may need to set the path explicitly to ensure that the correct version is used.

The builds are now nightly, and include both command-line and graphical installers. What is the status of the VMD plugin for Pymol? Answering my own question here. Views Read View source View history.


macpymol 0.99

Enter the residue you want to mutate as: Exhaustive search over all possibilities? Note that you will need to be running Snow Leopard OS Please post your FAQs here. Download and unzip the file PySwissSidechain.

To save images you have a couple options. However, using the “frame” command has odd behaviour in comparison to loading a molecular dynamics trajectory into the state in which the “frame” command behaves normally. I can’t even save the images I create in PyMol and obviously the mivie too.

macpymol 0.99

I would like to color by b-factor but not with the default spectrum but from white-to-red. You will be asked to give the path to your PyMOL application. Instal it in the same way as the PySwissSidechain plugin.