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Continue with your game with bugs. Unlike you all who’re bitching cuz you have to download a file I need some help, I’m trying to get my version to 1. Assholes, fuck yeah go die Icefrog!!! Then i clcicked switch version,But i dont see any.. I extracted the wvs to my dekstop

maphack dota 1.26e

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Found The Frozen Throne in folder: I don’t know much about battle. Want to pay him for teamwork, but rejected. Hey, does it change 1. Patch failed” can anyone help me? Run in admin mode when you are using Vista. As with anything on World of Warcraft, there is a certain technique required to use the dungeon finder effectively.

maphack dota 1.26e

PLease MAy this be the last patch. Just make warcraft 4 blizz it’s better for all of us. WTF all Garena ppl are confused I love how you all are whining about how there are so many patches.

Hello Dungeon leveling is now the fastest way to get to level 85, and it can leave some WoW players wondering exactly how to do it in the most effective way. Guys blizz must release new patch cuz there are many hacks like mh and other else so they are trying to fix the mhers with new updates. With the reference of your message “i update my game to 1. Players that want to improve their reputation in the game and community will also be able to help out by joining ongoing games that are missing players.


I’m spamming for the people dl the 1. I have the TFT 1.

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Gud luck and more power. Please upload your file at 4shared. If in RapidShare i can download all this thing at the same time It shows that blizzard is caring towards a game that was released a decade ago.

Now i’ve tries using the new map ver 6.

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When I want to switch back to 1. Or it takes time to switch it to 1.

Get Updates via Email! Oh Man why can’t i switch versions???

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Updating to Warcraft 3 TFT 1. Hello,there is an error Unlike you all who’re bitching cuz you have to download a file D 4 Fack the USB coz ur happy.

maphack dota 1.26e

Use version switcher to switch between 1. He thinks he fucking pro programmer. I do want to complete the compaign, so please help me. Can any1 tell me how to play with AI.


maphack dota 1.26e

Get Updates via Email! And don’t call me a no lifer, I’m a gamer, i have tons of lives! I can now play freely with the latest version patch.