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Huwag mong gulangan ang bata. Don’t crush your hand. IDumi fig tinta-n-Blot of ink. Bayadl-n-Pay fee; stipend, salary, conipensa ion, wages, retribution, payment, satisfaction; reward. Maghagilap ka ng panggatong. GJ’liw-a- Beloved; dear; estimable. His body became weak after he ran a long distance.

nagka kulay ang mundo

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Slaughter the cow now.

nagka kulay ang mundo

Diligin v-To sprin le; wNater; spray. Ang bagal ng jeepney na sinakyan namin. You should first serve your parents before you get married. G’itna-a-Center; middle, midst, medium.

Gumalingv-To recover; get or grow well, convalesce. What song is that? Diretsuhin lang ninyo ang daan at makikita ninyo ang simbahan. Madalas duguin si Maria kapag siya ay naoperhan. You deposit money in the bank. Buimankon v To arise; rise, get up. Dagukan-ir Te punch; s rike; beat; knock. Batibot a Strong; robust; sound; stout, tirm; solid; inflexible; bard; rigid; arduous; tight; entire; comlplete; stulbborn; just,; naggka.


Dakong kaliwa To the left sidle. Bungin v-To corrupt; rot.

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At dahil dito, kung may halIIanaping salita na, sa, dati ay nasusulat sa C at hindi makita ay dapat hauapin sa K. Imelda repayed the good heartedness of Corazon.

The Japanese tourists arrived this afternoon. Dumahing laruin-v To frisk; romp; sport. Ana’s purse was stolen from her bag on her way to the office this morning.

“Wakasan” | Sumigaw ang Bathala, nagkakulay sa mundo. | 3vilmunkey | Flickr

Gulo-a-Reverse intricate, tangled, conlused chaotic. Huwag kang mang-iwan ng kasama. Duimhau-r-To stain; polute, soil, dirty, daub, dlab, bespatter, darken, corrupt; profane. I jumped out of bed when I heard the gunshot.

Nagkakulay Ang Mundo – Kathryn Bernardo & Daniel Padilla ( Try :)) by emaelontok – Listen to music

Make your life an offering to God. Huwag mong gulangan ang bata. Halo-n-Mixture; compound; medley; mortar; admixture.

nagka kulay ang mundo

Ilimbag mo ang iyong pangalan sa papel. Let us look for your child. Baro n-Shirt; jacket Barongbarong-n-lHut; cottage: You should get closer to each other so that other people could sit in the jeepney. You should put on a jacket or you might feel cold. Do not trouble yourself.


The university was given the privilege of printing the Starr report on the Clinton scandal. You should first clean your bedroom.