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The information you are looking for is in the Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings section of this dialog box. Since most virus and malware infections stem from user behavior e. View our recommended hardware and operating system requirements and find recommended display computers from our Technology Partners. Datascroller 3 Annual Mnt. Summary The AMS program includes technical support that provides the resources to solve specific product issues. We recommend an operating system image be thoroughly tested prior to production deployment. Select whether you want the application accessible to anyone who uses your computer or only to your User Name and Login.

omnivex control 4 player

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KB How to: Install and Configure Moxie Player for Moxie Cloud | Omnivex

If you decide to change the destination folder, note its location so you contfol find it to open the program or create a shortcut. Summary This article provides information to clients that have purchased conyrol training session services from Omnivex and need to travel to Omnivex’ head office in Concord, Ontario in order to attend.

Install your Omnivex Software Summary Step-by-step instructions to help you install your Omnivex software. Moxie Ent Back Office annual Maintenance.


This is the standard installation process for all of our software, except:. This feature is designed for a specific use-case and is not well suited for remote management of a Moxie Player computer. This can cause signage system operators to assume that their content is not rendering correctly even though there are no problems with the content or the system configuration. Your local Omnivex reseller can assist you in finding the hardware best suited to your needs. Review the End User License Agreement.

The Destination Folder dialog box ojnivex. Windows 8 and 8. Depending on where you want the software to install: Start the Omnivex install.

omnivex control 4 player

This tool can be downloaded from: Request a demo How can Omnivex help your business? If the computer is running in Workgroup mode, the dialog looks similar to this.

Our contorl is there is no substitute for a well-defined, onsite testing and deployment process. This article provides the information required to concisely define the scope and planning constraints of on-site visits.

Control 4 Player | Omnivex

Clear the Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer checkbox. Recommended Moxie Player Configuration.

Request a demo How can Omnivex help your business? Note that displaying third-party websites on a digital signage network may contravene the terms-of-use regarding redistribution of data. To install your Omnivex software: This is the standard installation process for cntrol of our software, except: Scope The focus is on settings and software that may be useful when creating a Microsoft Windows 7 Professional operating system image.


Right-click the taskbar and select Properties. Devices supported by Control Summary Omnivex Control Director has built-in manufacturer’s device control functions.

KB23: How to: Install your Omnivex Software

Click the When I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go to the desktop instead of Start checkbox. Want to know more? The following contorl lists Control Director’s currently-supported devices.

Thank you for your feedback, please let us know how we could improve the article?

omnivex control 4 player

Player configuration may occur independent of installation so the Moxie Data Server Connection wizard first presents the same License Agreement page as the installer incase different people perform these tasks. Configure a computer to run Moxie Player. Control Omniveex Annual Maintenance.

These features should be disabled by configuring the setting to Never.