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Does anyone know if there is a free VPP around? I don’t think it is actively developed. Your name or email address: I haven’t spend much time working in Excel so I’m not able to find what is generating that error message. There are five sources. Then editing would be by hand at first. I’ll have to remake it later w.


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Is anybody familiar with this problem and know the fix? Here is another VPP on sourceforge, don’t know anything about it.


Thank you all for the info and advice. Unfortunately I can’t find the thread In another thread Maitai suggested Quote:. It includes a program listing for a now archaic version of BASIC, and, be warned, some lines of the code are missing. Android Nmea recorder -small, low powerhow to get Nmea as wifi or bluetooth at great cost? Since I’m a mac user I have to run the macros “by hand” the buttons don’t work in Excel for mac.

I don’t believe it has filtering tools. I wrote him anyway and hope he’ll respond.


I have a long list of yacht description files for techsail if you need. I haven’t spend much time working in Excel so I’m not able to find what is generating that error message. Maybe we could get something like Sailfish on the website, to get a boat started with a flat sea polar, Then find or build a nmea recording utility that allows comments for sea state and sail changes.

BB code is On. Posted December 13, In addition, tide and current are influenced by storms, river flow, and other factors beyond the ability of any predictive program.

I can’t understand why the developer lost interest. I used it many years ago for sizing some new head sails and adjusting to PHRF ratings, and I had forgotten about it. ErikGFeb 6, These have not been checked for accuracy and in many cases have not even been read by anyone associated with L Display Vendors by Location.

15th CSYS – ChesapeakeSailingYachtSymposiumCSYS

Like any computer program, these may and in some cases do have errors. Does anyone know if there is a free VPP around?


Yea, I have used Sailfish Yacht Analyser a lot too. Sail Calculator Pro v3.


PCSail – Excel sheet to make VPP for Sailing yachts – Cruisers & Sailing Forums

GuestMay 23, I’ve been trying to download PCSail and been getting an error message pertaining to a circular reference. I am using excel with solver running under windows The information on this web site has not been checked for accuracy. Maybe Tore can repost the link? Upon receipt of your payment, new subscribers will receive credentials to log on to the DVP Subscribers web pagewhile credentials of existing subscribers will be renewed.

PCSAIL problem downloading

Mantus s3 swivel, no shackle. Create Polar Diagram – Oppedijk.

These are intended to promote thought and for entertainment. My serial number still pvsail to work and there is an update to the program. Thankyou, I’ve tried PCsail several times: