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This must be set before writing any text on the text block, or modifying settings such as TextColor or TextFont. ScaleFactor is a percentage value, so an object will be displayed at normal size if this value is The height of the image resource referenced by Resource in the units of measure currently set by the property Units. Nevertheless, any of the above options can be used in your application as all conversions will be made automatically. Click here for more details or to purchase now.


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The only limitation of the trial is that a banner will be added on each page stating that trial software was used to create the PDF file.


If this property is set to True for a font that has been added using the AddFont function, the font will be embedded into the PDF document.

Visual Basic Express Creates a new graphic resource. Text can also be written in the document. The resource is applied using default sizing and positioning which can then be modified using the Locate or ScaleObject functions. This ASP image component includes a wide range of editing The circle will be centred at XY and have radius R. Visit the Ciansoft web site to purchase the full version.

It is recommended that this property be set to the preferred value before any pages or resources are added to the document, and not subsequently changed.


The return value of the function is the resource identifying number.

PDFBuilderASP –

Streams the contents of the current PDF document to the browser by invoking a Response. Creates a new text resource. This manual is also available on this website in either pdf or html format. Line spacing and the maximum line width can also be varied within the block.

PDFBuilderASP User Manual

Anytime Last week Last month Last 6 months Last year. This is used to avoid unnecessary decoding of images to satisfy the settings of pdfnuilderasp of the other compression properties when the image is already compressed using an efficient method. The reference number of the text resource that is currently in use.

Text can be justified either left or right or centred.


Images, graphics and text can be included in the PDF document. To help clarify this issue, parameters used in functions will usually be called Resource where they refer to a resource identifier, Page where they refer to a page number and Index where they refer to an object on a page. Click here to download and start using the trial version now. Fonts can be embedded in the PDF file if required. NET or an alternative scripting language. The compression method to be used for storing indexed paletted colour images in the document.


Graphics are drawings made up of combinations of shapes and lines. The PDF document can be streamed directly to the browser. The following read-only properties retrieve information about the space that text will occupy when displayed. The position of the page in the document is defined by Page.

PDFBuilderASP – Terms and Conditions

Text can be pdfbuulderasp either left or right or centred. FontName is the full path and name of the font file, which will usually have a. NET and PHP, showing how a simple one page document containing images, graphics and text can be generated on the server and streamed to the browser.

Images, graphics and text can be included in the PDF document.

Ciansoft PDFBuilderASP User Manual (Version 2.3)

Creating an Instance of the Object. The size of the gap that will be left between the previous line of text and the next line of text to be written. Adds an image from pcfbuilderasp file on disk as a resource in the document. If LinkBorder is True, a rectangular border will be displayed around the image.