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The reason for this is that each of the multitude of animation action scripts could only be executed in a very specific context. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Also, DJ Kurlander later developed “Comic Chat” within Microsoft Research – a program that allowed people to chat together with comic representations. Some versions of the software were described as spyware [4] and adware. Former freeware desktop assistant. Archived from the original on 3 June

peedy the parrot

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Archived from the original on 6 June Some of those efforts received negative feedback due to the significant limits on the abilities of the agents, and the perhaps inappropriate contexts in which agents were used. The Gale Group, Inc. Trend Micro and Symantec have both classified the software as adware. DJ Kurlander’s particular role on the project was to develop the new animation sequencer.

Otherwise, the resulting animation would be totally wrong.

peedy the parrot

A number of sources identify BonziBuddy as peddy, a claim the company disputes. As the universe of the agent’s actions grew, it became more and more complex and error-prone to specify this sequencing.


The Persona project at Microsoft Research was an attempt to advance the state-of-the-art in user interfaces by making them more engaging, assistive, and natural. Retrieved 5 April Peedy could handle requests like “What do you have by Madonna?


Archived from the original on 28 April This page was last edited on 23 Septemberat Speech control – to provide natural-seeming verbal output from the agent.

Animation sequencing – the Player and earlier ReActor subsystems controlled the 3D animation of the agent. For example, if the agent were in a deep sleep state and received a request to search for a particular tune tue the library, the agent would need to wake up and stand first.

The Microsoft ‘Bob’ effort was under way, and animated help agents were being added to Microsoft Office Clippy and Windows document search.

Retrieved 29 September Retrieved 16 November Semantic template matching – to match the canonical semantic representation to application-related intent.

Retrieved 12 September Peedy was engaging, with some humor and high production values thanks to Tim Skelly on animation and David Thiel on audio.

We experimented with both text-to-speech and voice-talent supplied speech, and chose the latter for the vastly improved realism.

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Originally brought against Bonzi Software on 4 Decemberthe suit accused Bonzi of using its banner advertisements to deceptively imitate Windows computer alerts, alerting the user that their IP address is being broadcast. To do so, he developed an Artificial Intelligence AI planning-based specification, in which all animation scripts included preconditions and postconditions. An Architecture for Animated Agent Interfaces. Views Read Edit View history. Lip synchronization was calculated by running thr audio through the speech recognition component.


One reader was quoted as criticizing the program because it “kept popping up and obscuring things you needed to see”.

The Persona Project and Peedy the Parrot – Resources

One of the last newspapers to write about BonziBuddy while it was still in distribution described it as spyware and a “scourge of the Internet”. Planning-Based Control of Interface Tye.

peedy the parrot

In the Persona project, we aimed to develop interface technology that would open up computers to the large number of users who are still intimidated and confused by WIMP interfaces, by creating a 3D animated agent that would respond to real conversational requests.

The project also made heavy use of components built by other parts of Microsoft Research particularly speech and natural language. Archived from the original on 18 June The Persona project was successful in that it motivated research that helped ths the state-of-the-art in animated agent-based research.