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The PC is not an Embraer Phenom with an externally serviced lav. It might leak a little but it is never going to come open in flight. Just remove and reinstall. Otherwise there is a risk of melting the composite blades. You would need high-altitude, high-performance, and complex endorsements somewhere in your logbook history, of course.

pilatus pc 12 poh

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It is a single-engine airplane under 12, lbs.

Pilatus PC-12-45/47

Short-field take-offs Based on the same half-day of training One Article If every trip that you take starts with deciding who and what to leave behind, the PC may be the right airplane for you. PC versus Turbojets If most of your trips are less than nautical miles and you seldom have more than four passengers, consider the Embraer Phenom It is unclear when or if this will be certified.

Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. For that very reason, it is important to review these processes and procedures.

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One good thing about the King Air is that there are at least two integrated glass flight decks available. Compared to a light or very light jetimportant advantages of the PC for non-professional pilots include the following: It is for plausibility checks regarding aircraft data only.

If the older airplane has been operated by an owner-pilot budget for a lot of expensive-to-fix defects that even the most diligent pre-buy inspection probably won’t catch. The pilot sets a dial for the planned cruising altitude before departing and sets it for the planned landing altitude before descending.


Yes, as it platus out.

Pilatus PC PC Training, Advanced Flight Training

We’re not completely happy with the yoke-mounted iPad Minis, which seem to get in the way a little and are hard to read in bright light. Each course will be tailored to the specifics of your aircraft. The NG gives a landing gear annunciation, not simply a horn that some pilots have misidentified as a stall warning. This is partly because the airplane travels at higher airspeeds, thus running into little particles of dust at higher speeds, pioatus partly because the soot coming out of the PT6 exhaust up front blackens the paint.

We recommend contacting Michael Kenny at Pro Star Pilatusthe authorized dealer for new planes in the Northeast but also a trustworthy source for everything related to purchasing a used plane at a fair price. The PT6 engine is controlled with three levers: The course is designed for an experienced multi engine pilot holding at least a Private Pilot Certificate with an Instrument rating with who has to hours of overall experience, has at least hours of multi engine time and who has flow or more hours in the previous 12 months.

For example, you always want the pitot and angle-of-attack AOA sensors heated in flight. Then start using the AOA to be “on speed” right in the middle of the AOA; slightly slower is optimum, but in the middle will result in plenty short landings.

That’s not nothing, but the PC will still be very noisy for the pilots and moderately noisy for passengers compared to a light jet dBA in the cabin; dBA in the cockpit.


At least in the U. PC versus Epic almost-ware The successful Epic composite kit airplane will be turning into the certified E six-seater at some point in New Year’s Eve at Douchebags in the Desert? This might be an earlier throttle chop compared to what SIMCOM trains “roll back during flare” or “start rolling back above threshold”.

The mechanic is left to wonder “Is it a bad wire connection?

pilatus pc 12 poh

The goal of transition training is to provide you with the knowledge, skill, and self-confidence to begin flying your Pilatus PC turboprop so you can take full advantage of all its unique capabilities and characteristics. The Phenom can hold as many as eight people total two in the front seats, four in the back club seats, one in an “opposite-the-door” bench, and one perched pioatus the potty.

A typical cruise climb speed is knots. In Aprilmore than 1.

pilatus pc 12 poh

There is generally one switch for each system or subsystem in the airplane and it is the pilot’s job to throw the switch. However, Hartzell managed to cut cabin noise as much as 2 dBA depending on the phase of flight, position within the aircraft, and power setting. ForeFlight is incredibly powerful but in our opinion it needs a simplified “in-flight mode” with fewer and bigger buttons.