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The central shaft unit can be easily removed through the back cover central hold with out dismantling the engine. Quasiturbine Future Trends in Automobile Engine: Gilles Saint-Hilaire, a thermonuclear physicist , and members of his immediate family. A related idea that flame transfer would be possible through special ports is similarly unsupported. View a machine-translated version of the French article. Quasi Turbine Published on Jan 16, In this engine efficiency stays constant and optimum no matter the power of the unit.

quasiturbine engines ppt

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If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. The RPM required by the human activity are generally lower that the performance optimum speed of the engines High Torque: Another object egnines to provide a high weight and volume density engine, without need of any valve, check valve or obstruction and within neither a crankshaft nor a flywheel. Then mail to us immediately to get the full report. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations.

Quasiturbine – Wikipedia

June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Small pneumatic and steam units are available from the patent holders for sale or hire for research, academic training and industrial demonstration, as is a book largely in French describing the concepts and development of the design.

quasiturbine engines ppt

The prototype was turned by an external engine for 40 hours. Quasiturbine combustion cycle Quasiturbine or Qurbine engine: This design uses redesigned blades, longer than those for a similar sized housing of the first type owing to the absence of the carriages, and lacking the distinctive crown contour.


Applications Vehicles Military applications Public utilities. The main problems with this design are It has far more moving parts than the Wankel engine It quasiturbone never been shown to work as an internal combustion engine For all other possible uses there are many other designs that are more reliable and function more efficiently Applications: This resembles detonationas used in the Bourke engineakin to knocking and pinging undesirable in common internal combustion engines.


One restriction of this usage is that the two fluids must be similar; It would not be possible for example to drive an integrated air pump with hydraulic fluid, as the rotor design is significantly different.

quasiturbine engines ppt

Low revolution – Reduction of gearbox ratio: This mechanism has been demonstrated running as a pneumatic engine using stored compressed air, and also as a steam engine. This article possibly contains original research.

If it was attempted no results were ever released, and development work on this design was suspended. A model attribution edit summary using German: Two lateral plane covers close the engine end. The Michel Cam Engine If you find the drawings less than clear and they seem to have defeated the the original author of the document this should make all plain: Another potential variation of this design uses the two sets of ports independently, one as an engine and the other as a pump, thus potentially integrating the functions of a pump and its driving motor in one shaftless unit.

After engine rotation 45degree it elongates to exhibit a lozenge shape due to shape of the chamber and then back to a square. However, ignition with fuel was never achieved.

Quasi turbine is a zero vibration continuous combustion rotary engine having four faces articulated rotor with a free and accessible centre rotating without vibration nor dead time and producing a strong torque at low rpm under a variety of modes and fuels.

You do not have the permission to view this presentation. Another object of this invention is to provide a low noise, perfectly balanced, zero vibration, low r.


Wankel engine The Michel Cam Engine If you find the drawings less than clear and they seem to have defeated the the original author of the document this should make all plain: Pivoting blades are shaped with the filler tip to allow the control of residual volume in the upper and lower chambers at maximum pressure configuration. The earliest Quasiturbine design used a three-wheeled carriage French chariothence avec chariots or AC for with carriages to support each vertex of the rotor.

Quasiturbine Producing a strong torque at low RPM under a variety of modes and fuels Quasiturbine design can also be used as an air motor, steam engine, gas compressor The Quasiturbine is also an optimization theory for extremely compact and efficient engine concepts The Quasiturbine Qurbine is a no crankshaft rotary engine having a 4 faces articulated rotor with a free and accessible center Construction: At the same time, the ports were duplicated enbines the opposite side of the housing, thus converting the operation from four strokes per cycle to two and doubling the number of cycles per rotor revolution.

This page was last edited on 4 Aprilat The Quasiturbine or Qurbine engine is a proposed pistonless rotary engine using a rhomboidal rotor whose sides are hinged at the vertices. The Michel Cam Engine If you find the drawings less than clear and they seem to have defeated the the original quasiturrbine of the document this should make all plain.