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Why are the wise in faith, fools in the world? How little do these beings of earth the laws of conduct know; How coarse and insolent they are, these men who live below. Tere Aanasuon Ne Bhujaya Issay! But Anyways here it is one of the lines which I personally love. I am always wanting to know my goal.

samundar kinare khizar

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Featured Release : Download Samander Kinaray By Khizar Tehseen

For a poet, ssmundar is samyndar the same time also a philosopher, the problem of fulilling the demands of art becomes all the more diicult; to make philosophy sing is an enormously arduous job. Of your own greatness you have no notion. The hardships of the fast oppress your natures—now grown free; Such are your ways and you still would protest your love for me!

Though abysmal dark the grave, Its rigours yet bear he must.

Unjust laments at least should show some spark of commonsense. Allama Iqbal is one of them.

Whose benevolent eye has graced this miracle upon you? I wish that my prayer would have efect—Give to a beggar, bounteous Lord!

samundar kinare khizar

But whether in fray or in social gathering, Ever chaste at heart, ever clean in conduct. For the moth was heat, for the firefly light made.


PAIGHAM Hazrate Musa wa Hazrte Khizar ki Mulaqat ka mukammal waqiya

You draw the hearts to the Presence Divine, I inspire them to bloom and blossom. Aur woh iknare samandar me kaam karne wale miskin logo ki thi. Why am I restless? He too is beautiful and majestic.

Hazrate Musa wa Hazrte Khizar ki Mulaqat ka mukammal waqiya

A genuine poet, like a genuine leader and teacher, is one who can change the circumstances of his society by changing the ohizar and outlook of the people around.

Perhaps some magic in thy air Has breathed into my song The buoyancy of youth. It is the only cure for folk who suffer from some chronic pain. What else in pearl is found except its sheen profound?

KHizr-e-rah – Allama Iqbal

Sakht Hain Fitrat Ki Taazirain The distinction of servant and lord has put mankind into turmoil; Beware, oh powerful ones; the penalties of nature are harsh. You know not the way. Eamundar a topic of theology. Iqbal has been acclaimed as the national poet of Pakistan. Do not bring your request before Solomon.

samundar kinare khizar

Though life is a mart without any lustre, What kind of bargain doth ofer some gain? Iqbal inherited deep love for religion from him. But there is no one to drive away his sorrow— How bitter are the days of man!


The ocean is my goal. How powerful the full cup of that wine would be? khjzar

samundar kinare khizar

Solitude, night—what pang is here? As we are all aware, no religion can command the assent of enlightened men and women in any age unless it can be proved and seen to have some validity in the light of contemporary philosophy. Act on Muslim law and rites, or sit in fane like acolytes: Of urge, though Nature not deplete, Yet where it fails you must complete.

The Muslims were killed without reason and arrested for no fault of theirs. The glitter of irely is fragrance of lower.

Comment and Share also tag your friends The world is for you, and not you for the world. Your heart is in materialism, no rewards for your prayers are.