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Removed unneccesary registry write after page setup dialog cancelled. A printed PDF document is no longer scaled up to fit the page, only shrink scaling is used if it is required to fit the document to the page. License validation could fail on US locale systems when date formats overridden. Licensed domain names are no longer links in license manager displays and dialogs. Regression bug – fix for margins wrong if Regional Settings’ non-Unicode programs setting did not match the main selection in v6.

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It never works with Adobe Reader now. Now works with xhtml documents mime typed in IE9.

scriptx msi

Configuration class provides two properties to access the code installation and license installation configuration. Windows Vista – use of OwnQueue would result in the print of an empty document which was immediately discarded from the queue. New Supports x64 versions of Windows in client side Internet Explorer 32bit. If pagesetup was used when the papersize is a rotated form, the orientation flipped. Version included on License Manager help page.

Changed Security Manager never uses Zeepe implemented dialogs, even when Zeepe is installed. User mode broker for print settings failed to start in per-user installs of ScriptX. Printing host printHtml removed redundant code, the host now uses enhanced security under XP SP2 and later. Fully verify a printToFile operation is likely to succeed and not fail due to lack of permissions. If all your users are using Internet Explorer 10 or earlier then install ScriptX version 7.


Changed Security Manager and ScriptX factory implementation support isolated usage. Returns the required installed version — the value of the attribute ‘version’ if version is in dotted form it will be converted to comma separated form.

Standards mode documents could raise a script error when re-layout due to margin change. A config section completed with version and location information: New typelib version 8. The orientation of portrait paper that was wider than tall incorrectly set to landscape. Print background colours and images setting lost when change scale in IE8 preview.

Removed MaxiPT use enhanced formatting. Single installer always installs all components.

scriptx msi

This version is a required update for correct working with IE 11 Windows 7 and Windows 8. Failed to correctly validate some license settings.

MeadCo’s ScriptX

Margin changes from dragging in print preview are persisted in the session script as with scripted changes, lost when the document is closed. License Manager now defaults to installing licenses ‘per-user’ in the absense of the ‘PerUser’ parameter. If you are a developerplease go to the main downloads page for the latest release. Basic printing with ScriptX.


Evaluate ScriptX On a development machine. Administrator pre-install is discussed in the developer kit documentation and in the knowledge bank.

scriptx msi

Fix pdf form fields on rotated pages did not print. If you are licensee, scriptz use the My MeadCo Portal to obtain the Resource kit for the latest hotfix and release versions. All installers use Windows Installer.

ScriptX 64-Bit Edition

To succesfully install ScriptX, please use the manual install below. However, this code will need updating with the correct version number with each update to the package.

As always, upgrading to 6. This is a maintenance release with fixes for a number of issues.