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Hey, open your eyes. Just how should I play with you? However, most people would just spit the poison out. Seiyuus, what have you done to me?!?! I desperately want to have those musics for myself. I… I did all this because I like you. If an e-mail comes from Senpai, I would answer right away.

setsunai hodo ni aisareru-seno naozumi

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Come on, come on. They only appear to those who truly wish to die. Thank you very much, and I hope you enjoy reading.

Hello, all you wonderful people!

setsunai hodo ni aisareru-seno naozumi

So he comes out in the form of a… chibi raven, without bi powers, which is the only form he can take outside of the school grounds. Please touch it and comfort me. He has always wanted to befriend humans, but they are naturally scared of him, so he assumes the role of a frightening prankster.


my first drama cd

Probably realising that your standards for a boyfriend is right now way too high for any human to perfectly reach that level. Being a God of Death, he has eternal life – which means that all the shame and guilt over sending people to their deaths builds up indefinitely without an end. Looks like you were talking about something really fun.

I think I discovered a new kink This surprises Nana, to the point that she thinks this is not actually his first date…! A certain event has left the Japan Stride Association in a weakened position.

Ears hurting due to your aisareru-sejo being in it for way too long I only adjusted it because it was bothering me. Until then, can you spend some time with me in this house? Let me hear it. Sesunai you were happy, you wanted to meet me first thing?

And sorry if it took ages, orz.

setsunai hodo ni aisareru-seno naozumi

That guy goes after any other girl he wants. Is it okay if I hug you?


Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems. I also… I also want to cum quickly. I really hate that guy. Your insides are hot, dripping wet, and soft. Did something good happen? Born To Die Vol 3. A lot is coming out.

Setsunai Hodo ni Aisareru – Seno Naozumi by Yuka | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I… I did all this because I like you. I really… love you. As you see, I would rather not to overlook your death wish and your emotions. Hey, let me hear more. Come on, open your mouth.

setsunai hodo ni aisareru-seno naozumi

But if not, please trust me. You still want to get up, huh?