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Sep 25, 3, 0 0 Wisconsin. I have a question. My PS3 is going to be delivered very soon. Yes you can connect to PSN and buy things. May 8, 25, 1 0 France twitter. From there, hit the recovery menu and installed 4.

spoofer 4.21 kmeaw

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You will have to be on 4. I would have to downgrade, dehash and install the new cfw right?

spoofer 4.21 kmeaw

Thanks to Evilnat for the eboot. So which is better. Kmeaw to Rebug 4. I recommend Rebug fw.

Yes, my password is: Angry Birds Game ID: Hope you’re enjoying NeoGAF! We’ve just launched our new Thread Tags feature, which we think you’ll find super useful.

big screw up i think updating from 3.55 kmeaw to rebug 4.21 pls help

I hope future updates won’t require as many hoops to be jumped through, but – c’est la vie. Is it any good? One final thing to note about OtherOS on 4. My XMB doesnt work from ingame and that’s bugging me, and I heard xpoofer here that Rebug is more stable so yea. May 8, 25, 1 0 France twitter. Hopefully this problem can be addressed without having to release another firmware.


spoofer for kmeaw

Prev 1 … Go to page. Some more info on OtherOS support in 4.

Just went from DEX to Rogero 1. XMB is coming up properly to exit games, so that’s rad. Following your suggestions and what deank said in another forum post, here’s what I did: Have kmezw considered registering for an account?

spoofer 4.21 kmeaw

There’s an app to take care of that PSNnja. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. I’d like to see if I can get my original account back because I kkeaw my hdd and I’d like to play on my old account again.

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Jun 6, 20, 0 1, 40 Amman, Jordan. May 23, 15, 0 0 Indiana www. Anyone know what multiman shows you as playing online on PSN to your friends?

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The link in the OP is a good place to start http: Really sorry for all the trouble! As after connecting the ps3 to the net a few covers showed up for my media in showtime 4. Just follow the guide spooffer above I think. You must log in or register to reply here.