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August 21st, 3. Jan 18, You may try to export it again if haven’t tried yet. I hadn’t noticed this before, but I can see why it’s happening. Before I was copying it manually from Garmin Training Center which is actually not calculating the hr zones correctly, as the time just between two zones is counted double But I don’t plan to always use my GPS watch for the training. If it errors, I get “TypeError:

sporttracks 2.1.3478

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Have u an idea what could be the problem?! I know this is obvious but did you try to refresh the page in the browser? Unfortunately I can’t think of a work-around, you may be out of luck while you’re there. Do you know if your sportracks connection involves anything like that? Theoretically, you can export the other way around.

sporttracks 2.1.3478

I hadn’t noticed this before, but I can see why it’s happening. This page was generated in 0,58 seconds.


sporttracks 2.1.3478

There is not a new plugin version for this, but everyone should probably update to the current release, 1. See log file for details.

Discussion: Attackpoint Plugin for SportTracks

To install GPSBabel 1. The user can also define his own activities. Feb 13, I get the same problem, but if you “clear” then “recalculate” on the attackpoint tab and then go back to the summary tab before exporting it works fine. Now, when I try to sportracks, it tells me intensities are not mapped in the plugin.

Dec 8, 7: Error was “no such file or directory” But i did a file with that name and it can be read and write Apply Routes provides a number of extensions to the SportTracks functionality: As of yesterday, track export is now enabled for all current donors i.

I might be wrong as I am not an expert in ST.

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I just started using this plugin and really like it. I haven’t thought about it. I didn’t see a logout option in the plugin, s;orttracks try this: Have you defined your SportTracks HR zones? Regarding your export problem.


Export to TCX with HRM data problem

If you find any bugs please submit them and I will try to fix them in aporttracks reasonable time. I recommend upgrading to the latest version.

sporttracks 2.1.3478

I have found that restarting the browser and then loading seems to be more stable, but it still can error. David Green – September 7, reply Note: RideWithGPS works to, but not consistently.

Dec 11, 6: Jan 31, 1: Modify WorkerSupportsCancellation to state that it does support cancellation. I have had to persevere with it. Originally Posted by mjaga.

Greg, you should be able to retrieve training log data via Attackpoint’s CSV export.