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View 19 February View 1 May Can anyone back this […]. Does he do anything new, right now? The guy i millionare now and is recording a new Freestylo album. Ebeb Jumpstyle RMX 0:

superstar kz freestailo mp3

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The comments are still fast, furious and positive for him. View 8 July View 31 December View 22 May So has this poor guy, apparently from a remote part of Kazakhstan, seen a penny for his fame? Top Best Jumpstyle Vol.

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View 20 February Which is to say, techno played on Kazakh traditional instruments. Evenutally the clip made it onto Khabar TV, the official channel of the Administration of the President!

superstar kz freestailo mp3

View 18 February Anyone with any information on this song, this guy, please feel free to post in m;3 comments. But at least this poor guy could be capitalizing on his talent.


If not for the magic of YouTube, this might have been the end of the saga. Now if only he had plans to release a techno-dombro album!

View 6 August Are you certain you want to delete this board? This video was recorded by local journalist from regional newspaper in Kazakhstan.

superstar kz freestailo mp3

Perhaps Freestailo will eventually replace […]. It also got remixed by Sound Brothers and Klubbshakers download the MP3 and is I understand playing in discos and clubs all through Europe. At some point, it got picked up by a Kazakh band, R.

He freestaklo knows about his fame because he got invited back for the final concert of the Superstar KZ season, where he really did freestyle, sans dombro: Let us know your feedback so we can evolve and improve. View 1 May View 21 May Log in with Facebook.

View 14 November Ernar is married and is going to be a father of his first son in May Lizer who copied the song but it was him who made a video first. View 19 June Are there any updates on his career?


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Please select a valid image file. Always play videos fullscreen. Best Song Ever Created Maximbady. Many people in Kazakhstan have been trying to figure out where […]. Ebeb Jumpstyle RMX 0: Please click the confirmation link in that email to change your email address. View 19 February