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But you can’t turn off the display except by putting into “sleep” mode. The choices you have are as follows: My fitness level has gone from fair to very good and i have had the watch for 8months. Automatically adapting exercise program for the next 7 days. We reserve the right to withdraw finance on certain products. Our website will present you with the relevant delivery options and the charges for your basket of goods.

suunto m5 movestick

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Product no longer available for purchase. Even the most dedicated fitness enthusiast can benefit from a smart partner. I like the simple operation of the M5 and although that simplicity comes at the expense of the loss of more advanced features such as setting intervals.

M5 Men All Black with Dual Comfort Belt + Movestick Mini par SUUNTO (couleur noir)

Please note we can only match one item online per order. The rubber or polymer of the strap is of very bad quality, breaks easily and must to be replaced often quite expensive. It’s not big, just so-so on the size, which is great for everyone. To view your heart rate you have to put it into exercise mode. A great investment indeed! Contact Michael Erb to learn more. The M5 is not a heart rate monitor that lets you set training intervals. Gift cards can movextick be purchased in GBP.


Daily exercise instructions with ideal duration and intensity.

suunto m5 movestick

Use our Size guide. June 10, at 8: Click here for more details Delivery Standard UK delivery: The digits and particularly the heart rate number is very large and easy to read.

Suunto M5 + Movestick Mini

I was not happy that some Polar HR Monitors did not have user replaceable batteries. If you choose fitness or weight, the M5 will give guidance whereas if you choose free, no guidance will be given by suggesting workout times and how long of a recovery period you will need after an exercise period.

Price quoted on site: Download any training program from Movescount. It falls short in features that runners might desire such as splits and laps.

I do wish there was the ability to set your own heart rate zones and to have the watch beed when you go below or above your zone, but that does not seem to be possible with the M5. You then have the option to skunto the suggested max and min heart rate or you can manually override that and enter your own values. Way more legible to me than other watches I looked at. With sweat, salt and whatever else mingling with electrical connections, I wonder whether the strap will hold up over k5


suunto m5 movestick

I was informed that I was overweight and that my goal weight is I work with each client directly and provide consultation as well as tutoring. Applicants are required to be at least 18 years old, employed and UK resident for the last 3 years to qualify. June 9, at 6: We reserve the right to withdraw finance on certain products.

Yet another Monkey Mirror upgrade. All you have to do is enter your personal data once, choose your personal target – fitness improvement, weight management, or free training, and your heart rate monitor does the rest.

Review: Suunto M5 Black Heart Rate Monitor with Movestick

As you progress through your exercise the arrows appear to fill up the space giving an indication of your progress. Real-time intensity guidance during workout. Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe Canary Islands.

It has a watch function that is very attractive and the display is very easy to read outdoors and even inside.