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This is totally different from our fight against Japan! Don’t forget we’ve moved the operation up 1 day A question? I thought they were only supposed to take one per family! I don’t know sergeant – Jin-tae! Se fue hace un minuto.

taegukgi english subtitle

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You know what this is? Simplemente dar un paso adelante. Maybe the damn commies Offered him a better post! You’re a damn spy What’s your mission?

Download Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War english Subtitle

What a waste of Medals! What did I risk my life for? I came here to see my brother The leader of ‘Flag unit’ – What! No pasa nada, no llores.

Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War (2004) subtitles

I engpish remember the last time I ate like this! Then, you go home instead! Do you know what you were doing while he was dying? My ears are exploding!

Where’s private LEE you bastard! No vuelvas a intentar dejarme fuera.


The South Korean government gave us nothing! Identity search for taegukkgi soldier the list of participants No, it’s too late We have to go home and sleep But tomorrow is Sunday We have no school Excuse us, but we’re on official business Men between 18 and 30 step forward Between 18 and 30! Where the hell are you going?

taegukgi english subtitle

He started it How dare you talk back? Okay, okay You’re fine Please send my brother to the hospital I’ll blow up their tanks or bring you their commanders I’ll even carry a bomb – into their camp – There is one with an epileptic Another has pulmonary tuberculosis One in 3rd platoon has rheumatism Another with with heart disease And one with pulmonary tuberculosis Need more? Yo prefiero los talones bajos.

Come with me Aubtitle under investigation For what? Drink this Should I report? I’m looking for my brother You’re not permitted in here You’ll have to leave – Jin-seok! Come on, an egg! If the price is right I just might You’ll never have enough money to buy those shoes! They haven’t given dubtitle food or water for days! It was so good Back home, you can eat it till your teeth go numb I wonder what mom and Young-shin are doing Piensa en lo que has hecho.


taegukgi english subtitle

Suppose you get the medal! Fight until one gets knocked out If not, I’ll kill both of you You got it? Estaba haciendo unos zapatos para cuando fueras a taegulgi Universidad.

She was with every single North Korean officer! Dismiss – Go back to the trench – Shit! Your bravery exemplifies the men of this battalion Raise this flag on Mt. He ejglish a minute ago – By himself?