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Fixed exception closing the splash screen on specific applications. Fixed exit of application when monitor application is started after protected application. Fixed compatibility issue compressing some embedded media files. Improved option “Extract file to disk”. Fixed random bug in thread engine that crashed some instances of protected application.

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Fixed detection of nested CodeReplace macros. Fixed compatibility issue with nested exception handling in some VC applications.

More improvements and security in Virtual Machine. Fixed debugger detection message for DLLs.

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Added compatibility with CliSecure applications. Improved performance in API-Wrapper. Fixed compatibility issue with Virtual Machine and Visual Basic.

Oreans Technology : Software Security Defined.

Added support for PowerBuilder 9 applications. NET framework 4 beta.

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Fixed compatibility issue bundling specific bit DLLs. Added new protection templates for all protection virtual machines. Improved scanning of protection macros. Fixed exception in specific applications when all compression options are disabled. Fixed compatibility issue in license decryption under Windows 8 x Fixed return value for SearchPath.


Improved support bundling mixed. Fixed compatibility gull emulating some instructions with mutable CISC processors. Improved support using a protected DLL with third parties bundling solutions. Fixed ExitProcess code for. Fixed exception in WLBufferDecrypt for specific applications. Fixed compatibility issue with some applications that overlap their TLS section with the code section. Fixed compatibility issue in monitor tool detection. Fixed compatibility issue compressing resources in some.

Improved parsing of Visual Basic macros. Insert splash screen in protected application. Fixed false Monitor Detection on very specific systems. Fixed wrong error code when protecting specific applications via command line.

Improved VM anti-dump technology. Fixed compatibility with Chinese folder paths in some. Added support to read functions to virtualize from Excelsior MAP files. Added internal option “SkipParallelsCheck” to allow detecting virtual machines except Parallels. Allow resizing of protection panel.

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Fixed bug displaying the Splash screen in specific applications. Fixed bug parsing empty MAP files. Fixed exception on specific systems if file was marked to “Extract to disk”.