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Linux , macOS , Windows. Uppsala universitet Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center Making the connection After downloading and installing, you can launch the ThinLinc client, and should see a form where you can enter your username and password and possibly a server name. This can be done without any client side video decoder software or specialized handling of video. Within an organisation, ThinLinc enables users to move easily between machines “hot-desking” while still being presented with the same desktop – each application, even the mouse cursor, is exactly as they left it.


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This page was last edited on 21 Augustat New use case released: Check VodafoneZiggo technical use case. Login node connection Just as you can log in thjnlinc ssh to a login node to get a text session, you can connect with ThinLinc to get a graphical desktop session on a login node. Here you can download experimental versions of the ThinLinc Client.


Since all the horsepower resides in the server hall, users no longer need their own expensive hardware to perform even the most resource-intensive tasks; fat desktop machines can be replaced with efficient, long-life thin clients, without compromising on performance. Do you want to be part of a innovative company and work with colleagues that highly value team spirit?

Brian is currently using 5 free licenses and he needs to add 2 more users to the work group? ThinLinc is a cross-platform remote desktop thinlonc developed by Cendio AB. This means possible servers to connect to are currently rackham-gui. Brian should purchase 7 licenses in this case.


ThinLinc – a remote desktop server from Cendio | ThinLinc by Cendio

How Does It Work? Secure access to sensitive data ThinLinc provides thinlinx access to information, without it ever leaving the safety of the server hall. ThinLinc enables users to move easily between machines. ThinLinc provides easy access to information, without it ever leaving the safety of the server hall.


Cendio has a few open positions right now! Does the ThinLinc server bundle come with full functionality? The customers are generally organizations with extensive in-house knowledge of how to set up advanced computer systems, but partners [15] resell thinllinc product as a part of a complete solution.

ThinLinc – a remote desktop server from Cendio. Internet software for Thinliinc Remote administration software Remote desktop. Your desktop applications, from any device, anywhere ThinLinc is a remote desktop server from Cendio, built on open source technology.

To request licenses for more than 5 concurrent users per organization, please contact us at contact cendio. To do this, make sure to connect with regular ssh and present the required code. The ThinLinc client connects over ssh which means it may be required to present a code from two factor authentication.

How It Works

ThinLinc includes many components that are Free and open-source software and Tthinlinc AB, the developer, is a driving force in many of those projects. Also, any groups that have special access may be able to use ThinLinc on another machines.


So no point to fiddle with these specific options. Administrators no longer need to manage large numbers of independent PCs, but rather perform maintenence tasks from one central location.

Just as you can log in via ssh to a login node to get a text session, you can connect with ThinLinc to get a graphical desktop session on a login node.

The server software and the users’ main desktops run on Linux. End-users’ desktops and applications are published from a central location, providing a seamless and familiar environment regardless of which device the user is connecting from or where they are located.


Cendio offers these downloads primarily for evaluation and testing purposes. Yes, ThinLinc server bundle has full functionality but is limited to maximum 5 concurrent users. Bianca is handled a bit ghinlinc. Data remains safe Remote access enables users to access their desktops and applications from outside the organisation, whether they be travelling abroad, working from home or at a customer site.