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In case a business establishment authorizes a third party to make invoices for the sale of goods or services, the authorized party is not required to declare VAT on turnover from goods and service sale for which it is authorized to make invoices. Particularly taxable incomes shall be determined at the level assessed by tax agencies. The taxpayer-certified copies of the economic contract signed with the investor and takeover test and handover record if any ; The investor’s written certification, indicating total investment capital, the investor’s debt, work invested with capital already included in the state budget expenditure estimate. If the VAT amount of goods and services purchased for those investment projects is VND million or more, it shall be refunded to investment projects. In case the paid tax amount in the year is lower than the payable tax amount according to the EIT finalization return, enterprises shall pay the deficit amount into the state budget.


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Only accept letters of guarantee stating the contents commitment to ensure the ability to perform and responsible for paying tax, fines for late payment in place of the tt28/2011/t-btc at the end of the tax payment time limit but the taxpayer has not paid the tax, tt28/201/tt-btc meet the conditions prescribed by the letter of guarantee.

Finalization of collected tax amounts and tax receipts with tax agencies: Declaration of land use levy: Taxpayers shall remit tax amounts into the state budget: In case foreigners earning taxable incomes are eligible for tax exemption or reduction under double taxation avoidance agreements between Vietnam and other countries or territories, the following procedures apply: When collecting taxes and fines, state treasuries shall base on tax receipts to account state tt28/2011/t-btc revenues and notify such to tax agencies.

Declaration of personal income tax PIT 1.


Tax declaration, tax calculation; 2. Hydropower generation establishments shall declare and pay royalties in localities in which they register royalty declaration and payment according to form No.

The dossier of additional declarations or modifications to be submitted to the tax agency comprises: Once a month on the 5th at the latest, authorized tax collectors shall make tables of settlement of tax, charge and fee receipts already used and number of receipts not yet used according to each type of receipt with tax agencies under regulations.


Tax inspection Article Time limit for submission of presumptive tax declaration dossiers: The Ministry of Finance shall specify such assessment for application to each business line and activity in each period.


All acts of late settlement of receipts or late remittance of collected tt28/2011/ht-btc amounts into the tt28/2011/tt-bt budget are regarded as appropriating tax amounts. Documents for transaction with tax agencies 1. When tax is paid in foreign currencies: The EIT amount to be paid in a province or centrally run city in which a dependent cost-accounting hydropower generation establishment is headquartered equals the EIT amount payable in a period multiplied by x the rate of expenses of the dependent cost-accounting hydropower generation establishment to the total expenses of an enterprise.

A foreigner who tt28/2011/tt-byc obtain a certificate of residence by that time shall commit to sending this certificate in the first quarter of the tg28/2011/tt-btc year. Authorization in transaction with tax agencies – At-law representatives of taxpayers may authorize their directly inferior officers to sign, on their behalf, documents or dossiers for transaction with tax agencies.

In this case, Company B shall pay the tax amount of VND million and, at the same time, determine by itself the fine amount for late payment based on the lately paid tax amount, the number of days of late payment and the prescribed fine level and pay this fine amount into the state budget.

Households and individuals engaged in business operations or natural resource exploitation and paying tax by the presumption method below collectively referred to as households paying presumptive tax tt2/2011/tt-btc Tax examination and inspection; 9. In this case, Mr.

Thông tư 28/2011/TT-BTC

State treasuries shall transfer documents on the remitted amounts collected under authorization to tax agencies for monitoring and management. The payable or refundable EIT amount upon tax finalization shall also be allocated according to the set proportion between the locality in which the enterprise is headquartered and localities in which their subsidiary ttt28/2011/tt-btc establishments are located.

To publicize cases subject to tax collection authorization to taxpayers for compliance. In AugustCompany A makes additional declarations or modifications to the VAT declaration dossier of Januaryleading to an increase of VND million in the payable VAT amount, it shall pay tt28/2011/tt–btc tax amount of VND million and, at the same time, determine by itself the amount of fines for late tax payment into the state budget.


Tax declaration in case of VAT payment by the tax withholding method and EIT payment on the basis of declaring turnover and expenses for determination of EIT-liable incomes – Within 20 working days after signing a contract, the Vietnamese party signing the contract with a foreign contractor or a foreign contractor signing tt282/011/tt-btc contract with a foreign sub-contractor shall notify in writing tax agencies of the foreign contractor’s or sub-contractor’s payment of VAT by the withholding method and payment of EIT on the basis of declaring turnover and expenses for determination of EIT-liable incomes.

Collecting tax returns from taxpayers: Declaration of royalty excluding royalty for crude oil includes monthly declaration and declaration for annual finalization or declaration for finalization up to the time of termination of natural resources exploitation or business operations or contracts, transformation of enterprise or enterprise reorganization.

Circular No. 28//TT-BTC guiding a number of articles of the Law on Tax Admin

Tax declaration for cases of payment of VAT by the withholding method and payment of EIT on a percentage of turnover – Foreign contractors and sub-contractors that directly declare VAT by the withholding method and declare EIT on a percentage of turnover shall submit tax declaration dossiers and tax finalization declaration dossiers to tax agencies directly managing Vietnamese parties.

Declaration of VAT by the credit method: Change of applied VAT calculation methods. In OctoberCompany A has no payable tax amount at its head office.


Method of counting time limits for completing tax-related administrative procedures 1.