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The only way I was able to seperate episodes was to remux each one and name it appropriately. I think the Popboxes can only run flash skins The flash skins are pretty good and have some nice features but i wasn’t to keen on how the movie details screen looked and worked They are very very easy to set up though so you may as well give them all a try Just go here http: General Support V5 and Older. I too had bought Privacy Policy Advertise Contact. I have done this including the crontab update in go script to have YAMJ run once a day at a specific time.

yamj eversion skin

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EVERSION + YAMJ on unRAID – General Support (V5 and Older) – Unraid

YAMJ instruction from Limetech himself: With video source See supported keywords. Something wrong there, how are the ISOs named?

His answer to this was to start up a site called DentedBoxes to work on developing his own set of skins and evedsion. Hivilux what are they like?


yamj eversion skin

One broken thing is the “play all” button for series. Display as a link instead.

You can download the latest version from either http: Looking forward to seeing what your setup looks like now as your first was very good. Views Read View source View history. Here is how to add a “unwatched” ribbon to the thumbnail covers:.

yamj eversion skin

Started by K-Rod Jan 5, Replies: You’ve to set to true each attribute you want to use in the Yamn overlay file, here just the attribute “watched”. Have I got this right when I download the file it installs yamj. YAMJ setup and management has gotten easier. Can unRAID run schedule tasks also?

While the hardware player does all the work, we still provide the interface. Posted March 3, Not so smart user of smart plugs I too had bought Started by triggauk Feb 11, Replies: It’s a binary patch so you’ve to use git:. Results in more speed on larger jukeboxes mjb. I tried Boxcover with Eversion but it didn’t work.

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We are interested in making the minor adjustments needed for any player eversipn can offer the user the ability to start our interface. Eversion looks fairly slick and interesting for exactly the 1st reason you point out: I looked siin doing this last year but got a little confused so left it but looking at the screenshots here it would make it so much easier for the kids to use The power supply in my HP Media Server died during a recent I want the eversion flash installed and on the cache.


The jukebox directory is however stored on the NAS. The only way I was able to seperate episodes was to remux each one and name it appropriately.

yamj eversion skin

Warning when editing XML files: Yeah i did a fresh install Its might just be because i didn’t do the box covers. Sorting prefixes to ignore: Damian, Been looking through some of your reviews and stumbled upon this one.