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Could some help translate the following song for me. FaWzY Saturday 16th of December All we need to do is making avenues to expose people to mathematical beauty. Vasiliki Wednesday 13th of December Anxiety is a virus. I think of what you wrote.

yaz tahtaya bir daha mp3

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As for the song, I’ll go ahead and translate it line by line.

yaz tahtaya bir daha mp3

Lunatik Sunday 02nd of March What does ne yaparsin means? Osman Thursday 10th of January Even though by some weird coincidence one of his songs “Leyla” has always been in my top 10, I think MOST of his songs don’t make much sense lyrics wise. Why is it okay to by openly negative about math for our friends? Dahw be because it is also very poetical!

yaz tahtaya bir daha mp3

As a result, birr friends still keep telling everyone they are bad at math and spreading math phobia and anxiety. Firstly, our friends think that math is something just for geniuses but I am pretty sure about that I am not a genius and I love math and I am good at that. You corrected it anyway.


Turkish Lyrics Translation Need Help!

Unfortunately, dwha Turkish is extremely limited, so I can only pick out a couple of words and have no overall idea of what it’s about. I would guess, he literally meant that the lovers hug each other like an ivy hugs the wall D Osman Tuesday 28th of November D h0axi Friday 01st of August Osman Saturday 25th of November The answer is so clear.

Lunatik Tuesday 26th of February I don’t know any Turkish but I’d sure like to learn it it’s on my list stormgoblin Wednesday 02nd of May But here we go: I have exams too P. Osman Sunday 26th of November We can make corrections together. Negativity of Bor Forms.

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Sago lives with pain, learns the life on his own My happiness is very little and it’s true that I’m paranoid It makes me thirsty as the rain in desert is dry My silence speaks when I struggle with the world. Anxiety is a virus. You’re my love ” hep beraber: Could some help translate the adha song for me.


Had I told you that My litterature was never higher than D mark in high school? Have you heard of “Pentagram”?!!

FaWzY Sunday 17th of December Otherwise i am afraid, i can’t give a hand. I don’t remember such song by Tarkan.

yaz tahtaya bir daha mp3

Kuzu Kuzu Like a lamb Bak! I think that would be better. FaWzY Saturday 16th of December